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    My Ps4 Results Hdcp

    Alright so as we all know the Ps4 and everything sony has HDCP on it which should be going away very soon! My question is does anyone know when? I hooked up my HDMI Setup and this is what the recorder says back to me. My Recorder : http://gyazo.com/1add220dee01b690013a0651fc59c9ab On the HD Recorder it lights up on HDMI (I'm using 2 HDMI Cables) Just posting my results and a Questions
  2. DivineKryptonite

    Don't Recognize Usb

    Hey everyone i recently bought this program and i did there exacate step and it still says USB unrecognized Turn off ps3 Pluged in Compent A/V into Input Plug in Componet cables to output and tv downloaded software Registered software And pluged in USB and nothing showed up Please help thanks