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  1. You are welcome Brendon, a number of my associates have shut down Norton also.It messes with other software like Roxio, and slows down the computer operation. McAfee seems to be similar, I agree with you! Best wishes to you! Rich
  2. Thanks to both of you. Brendon, you guys give "oodlies" of advice I realize, and how could one remember, but some months ago, I was going crazy getting the 'Bugs" out of my computer to run Roxio. After numerous times interfacing with both of you, Brendon you finally recommended my shutting down Norton and bingo ALL WORKED WELL! THANKS! I had used prior software without Norton on a previous computer and the Roxio worked fine! Thus for close to 3 or 4 years I have been using Roxio audio software cleaning LPS without Norton and or McAfee. I have used Microsoft Security Essentials. My wife works for a large company that is on the net all of the time and they too do not use Norton or Mcafee! The only time I have had trouble was first with Norton and then with McAfee. Sorry Jim they may run for years on your computers but they just do now work well on mine, and frankly they do not work well with ROXIO! Maybe it is the electrons at my house. SMILE! In my judgement, if any one is having trouble with the Roxio Red Box CD & DVD Easy Burning Software, I would highly recommend that they look at the AV packages of Norton and McAfee. Again thanks to both of you for your help! I am not passing any judgement here, just reporting what seems to work and not work for me! And, yes Jim the important thing is that the software is working! Have a great one you guys!
  3. Thanks Jim for your response! The Software is now working very well and fast with this computer!!! I think the problem was the malware and McAfee, that was on the NEW computer, it just went crazy. I took the computer back and they gave me a new one. I immediatly removed MCafe and installed Microsoft security Essentials. I than had some basic malware problems with Google Chrome. Not sure Chrome or Explore would be a problem, but just the same I removed all malware on the NEW COMPUTER. It is now clean and I Loaded the software from the Roxio disc I purchased. And, WOW it is flawless and like I said fast!!! On my other computer I had trouble with the Norton and removed that and the software has been working flawlessly also! I share this for others, perhaps it is just me but the Norton and McAfee anti virus packages just plan goof up the Roxio for me! The audio now on both computers works well. We are at about 750 Albums cleaned and in the electronic format, what fun! Again thanks!!! PS I think Roxio "gets a bad rap" on the reviews when in fact it is not Roxio, but rather the associated software such as Norton and McAfee!
  4. Some added information. Last night, I opened the microsoft window went into Roxio Easy CD and DVD burning folder and then into the sub folder "application". I further launched the Sound Editor icon and it opened just fine. None of the other icons were displayed for burn audio, rip, digitize lps, etc. in the applications folder. Again I can not get the burn audio, rip, digitize lps etc to launch.
  5. Just purchased a new hp Envy core I7 processor computer and installed new software from a newly purchased easy CD & DVD disc. (the HP computer has Windows 7 professional) It seemed fine for about a half an hour. All features were working. Then all of a sudden, I could not bring up the screen (green background) or read the window to activate the icons. The desktop icon is showing. When I activate the desktop short cut icon t the software seems to open everything ok, but at the last second the full screen (Green background with all of the icon options) just disappears. When I place the cursor over the icon in the lower task bar I can see the screen in mini form. I have gone through the "fix" phase, no luck. I removed the software and loaded it again, same problem. I have had problems with another computer and the software, and found at that time the Norton security software was causing problems. I turned Norton off installed Microsoft Security Essentials and it has been running flawlessly ever since. The new computer came with McAfee, and I removed the software. I installed Microsoft Security Essentials, but still have the problem stated above. Not sure what to do any help would be appreciated!
  6. Wow I think we have the "will not respond" figured out. Will run it a bit more. I disabled the Norton firewall and AV and edited about 40 records this weekend. The Roxio software worked flawlessly!!! Can see Jim how well it works, as you have reported. It opened quick lyand did not freeze one time!!!!! This software really works, like I have said when it works! Thus, I am pretty confidant that the problem was the Norton. I trust you can share with others of this experience to save them a bunch of headaches!!!!! Thanks to both Jim and Brendon for YOUR HELP!!! I will run a week or so and let you know the results, thus give ya a break from this problem Again thanks! BTW one question. What features in the NXT 2 would be an upgrade for the audio section? I have read the review but not sure of all of the upgrade features. I do NOT use the video, just the audio. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks to both again!!!!
  7. Thanks again to both of you! I have disabled Norton and will go from here. So far so good. Again thanks! Just read the information on the NXT 2 upgrade and it looks like this software converts files to the MP4 IPOD, IPHONE format. Is that correct? The basic hardware, CD burner. software will not do so. Correct?
  8. Well the typical behavior, the software quits responding. I tried something. I uninstalled it on this computer and installed it on another computer that I use for other things and it worked as strangely on that computer. I re installed it on this computer and i worked for a day and again the software quit responding. This is the ONLY software that does this on this computer! I too read the reviews on the net and half of the consumers are unhappy with the newer version of ROXIO CD red box burning software. The upgrade had a much better review. Are you sure that the software is not a problem? I have so many hours the development of the LPs that I hate to give it up from Roxio, but I may not have another choice! Do you have the authorization to send another copy for me to check to see if it does the same thing?
  9. Hey Brendon, I apologize! (guess the e's and a's look alot alike ) Hey to both of you thank you so very much for your help! You have been gracious. And Brendon your advise worked well! I do have the Roxio excluded from Norton, thus no AV. I do not mean to be a burden here either, again this reminds me a bit of the "cuckoo nest"! I have had such good service with Roxio for years now, again the old version on my "old" computer worked flawlessly with the older software! Let me keep playing with this thing. Again thanks for your help. Since I have uninstalled and installed it is working very, very well again, that certainly leads to the notion that over time when I keep using it, and I am using it frequently, something on my computer slows the digital LPS feature down, or corrupts the software. All other features keep running just fine it is the one feature! Will keep you posted and not try to be a burden. Thanks again.
  10. Ok again. The program on digitize LPS is freezing again and "not responding". I killed another hour and a half tonight to get it to run. Ran the fix no help. Uninstalled it and installed it again. It seems to be working again. I do not believe this is the computer. Guys I am trying but losing confidence! I know you do not create the software but... Would it help to "dump" this set of software and upgrade? This is really sad because when it runs it runs great and wonderful features but the down time is terrible! Please advise!!!!!! :o
  11. Brendon, thanks for the advice. I think we have this figured out!!!!! :D When I save the DISC IMAGE it, in a sense becomes a file. I can move it from one hard drive to another, or add it to my file that contains the songs, if I wish. Is that correct? In other words I can move the file around without having to worry about "paths"? If so this is wonderful and achieves my goal. I have about 600 albums now cleaned and edited. Thus with each file (the name of the artists and all of the songs from the record and cleaned versions are housed in the file) I can now add the DISC IMAGE with that file. Thus I would have the DISC IMAGE with each respective file and keep a main file with all of the DISC IMAGES listed (a different hard drive). Thus I have some extra protection. Will t his work? Again thanks so much both Brandon and Jim, as always with your help. Again I assume I can move the DISC IMAGE just like any file. Is that correct? Rich PS Wow Brandon you are housed in New Zealand?
  12. Brendon, thank you for the heads up on these issues! I think you may have a solution! I will give it a try. My final objective is to cut records. (I have an audio system set up with very good quality and high quality cartridges). I use the digitize LPS' editing functions that serve very, very well and remove noises, etc. After this is completed, I simply wish to save them so that I can cut CD's to the future without redundant work or organizing the arrangements. I will try your recommendations and report back. Thanks Brendon :D
  13. Yup it reminds me, Jim, of anger management!!!! Ok I am still thinking this Roxio is mad at me too! I have have my audio folders edited with Digitize LPS process and all is fine. I then transfer each file (song) to Burn Audio CD's. All seems fine. I then save the work as SAVE AS file with a title and go back later and it can not find the path. I think somehow I am not saving properly or Roxio does not like my style . I too have files from two different hard drives, but make sure each is plugged in up and running so the path can be traced.I always save from the same external hard drive. So any advice on how to save in the Burn Audio CDs feature would be appreciated. I think after I cut a CD from that file it too must think it is not saved and I lose it. Lately I have been always trying to check the "save as" function before I close it out. Suggestions? BTW the digitize LPS feature is working absolutely flawlessly! It has been since I un installed and re installed the software. I really do not believe in magic, but I am sort of afraid to say anything about the software! This is crazy! Do you really think a psych could help? Rich
  14. Oh my like I have suggested these computers are like humans unpredictable !