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    Thanks I am going to try the manual activation.
  2. swilcox

    East Creator 9

    Also I am the only owner of this program.
  3. swilcox

    East Creator 9

    Thanks for your response and I did see that there was a one time product activation via the internet and my program has been working until recently. I had hoped that by reloading the program my problem would have been solved.
  4. swilcox

    East Creator 9

    I purchased easy media creator 9 a few years ago. Now all of a sudden I cannot view any dvd or access any cd because when I go to use them pops us i must register access code and when I try another screen pops up invalid access code and I cannot watch anything. This is making me crazy. I have unloaded and reloaded this program without success. What access code are they talking about grrrr