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  1. Well everything went as noted until I entered the product code in the activation and I got this response: There was a problem activating your product. This could be due to: ERR_ACTIVATION_GENERAL
  2. NO, did not change operating systems. And also when I first reloaded the software I manually entered the original key code. It loaded fine with no issues. Then upon completion I updated with the 9.1 update which automatically applied its new key code.
  3. the 9.1 update automatically applied the new key code.
  4. Correction, the terminology is "Product Activation" then an error code of Product Activation failed due to invalid product key.
  5. When I did the 9.1 update I re-registered it under the new key code. Once I open the program and try to utilize one of the features it notes it must validate and goes on line and subsequently returns a notice that validation couldn't take place due to invalid key code.
  6. RE: Roxio Easy Media Creator 9 Suite ASP Having to reload my Media Creator 9 recently I was having trouble and ended up downloading the 9.1 updated version. It evidently has its own key code. Once downloaded when trying to do any events it advises it must activate the function and subsequently going through the process it comes back and advises that my Key Code is Invalid. Naturally you can't talk to a real person without a Support Code which upon registering this updated 9.1, I did not get a email with a support code. Any idea how to resolve this?