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    Roxio Issues

    I have 3 problems with roxio 1.when i click options in the capture window the program stops working. 2.when i check for updates for the SP1 update it is not found nor is it not available at the main site 3. I am unable to change the input source from HDMI to component as it is grayed out. any help will be greatly appreciated
  2. Ivthlo89

    Roxio Issues

    its still going on it works perfectly on my brothers pc who lives in another house. So we decided to just move it over there since it has issues with my computer. Thanks for the help though guys
  3. Ivthlo89

    Roxio Issues

    didn't work here are my specs:
  4. Ivthlo89

    Roxio Issues

    alright then. i'm at work now but i'll try it out when i get home and keep you updated.
  5. Ivthlo89

    Roxio Issues

    Nope not working. this is quite difficult. i also wonder why I can't find the SP1 update.