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    Cannot Capture Audio - Help Appreciated.

    You win, Jim. As usual. For other experiencing a similar issue, this thread looks like it might contain a solution: http://www.xsplit.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=114&t=17396
  2. boadle

    Cannot Capture Audio - Help Appreciated.

    I was expecting a predictably obtuse response based on your post history, Jim. I appreciate you're the big fish on this forum, but is the confrontational attitude ALWAYS necessary? We're all just people trying to get by, and I was quite polite. Oh I see. By 'No' monitors, you meant 'One' monitor. Really? I did state: Thanks anyway. Back to Google for me, I guess...
  3. boadle

    Cannot Capture Audio - Help Appreciated.

    Hi guys, thanks for taking the trouble to offer some guidance. I'm slightly bewildered by both of these responses, Jim, as I was under the impression the device DID capture audio. Certainly the existence of audio ports indicates it's intended to? I don't really understand what it would mean to play with NO monitor. Dan - sadly, I can't find any set-up videos that pertain to a PC-only configuration, only to Xbox and PS3 set-ups. I've since had some limited success by adjusting the PC Playback Devices settings, namely changing DEMOTDA19978 to be the primary device. This means I don't hear the audio, but it is be written to the MTS (although I think it has a reverb issue). I'm still in search of a way to simultaneously hear and record. Your guidance is appreciated.
  4. Hi guys, I've scoured the forum for a good while, and haven't yet seen my specific issue addressed. Actually, I have two, but one is more pressing than the other. Setup: I'm trying to capture a PC game to an external hard-drive. I have a HDMI cable going out from my brand new GTX 960 into the input of the Roxio, and into an HDMI monitor. Video captures just fine. Problem 1: Cannot find a configuration that allows me to capture audio. My PC audio output is connected to a 3.5 male-to-male extension lead, which feeds into a black/red RCA, which goes into the Roxio input. The output has another black/red RCA, into which my speakers are plugged, Thus, I can HEAR the game audio, but when I check the MTS, I find the video hasn't captured audio. Is there something else I should be doing? Problem 2: Dual Monitors only capture tiny clip, then stop. With a dual or triple monitor setup, only a half a second of video is captured. I need to adjust to only one monitor in order to do the full capture. Naturally, this is becoming a pain. Would appreciate any guidance. Thanks in advance!