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    I like my Roxio Game Cap, THAT I CAN'T RECORD WITH!!
  1. Well sh*t, It's not working at all for me! I tried the stereo mix and everything, nothing.
  2. Am I allowed too use a regular XBOX 360 Microphone for this ???
  3. I'm pissed off with you Roxio.

  4. KnightsOfWarden

    Roxio Won't Work ...

    I'm having the same exact problem, and I'm getting so frustrated too the point of just wanting too buy an ELGato... You can find their HD one here :XXXXXXX It MAY be $180, but I don't even care, this is too frustrating. Edited to get rid of what amounts to spam.
  5. please help me! I have tried everything, from making sure it's all setup, ( it is ) too going into Display settings on my xbox 360 and making it 1080i ! Me and my friend Hunter have made a YouTube Channel ( KnightsOfWarden ) want want too make Minecraft XB0X 360 EDITION videos, BUT WE CAN'T !