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    Importing Original Video Record Date

    Many thanks Jim. It worked great.
  2. I am using Roxio Creator NXT Pro. When I import/capture video from my Canon Vixia HFR11 camera, all data captures well but displays only the capture date, not the original video recording date as recorded in the Canon. I am using win8 and a new Toshiba Satellite L875. The original recording date is very important. Does anyone have an idea how to use the original recording date rather than the date I captured the video from the Canon? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks. PS, I cannot log into Roxio when using win8, but no problem with win7. I am having to make this post from my win7 laptop. BTW, I am posting here as I have not received and seem to be not able to get my support code from Roxio/Corel. Thanks.
  3. gwlewis

    How Do I Obtain My Friggin Support Code?

    I also registered my Creator NXT Pro and received the email acknowledgement, but no support code for Tech support. The msg was a standard msg, not like the Jim Hardin one. Have been all over their net sites to find how to get the code with no luck. Have written to return the product, but would prefer to keep it. The customer support is not good. Time is running short for my Tech Support. Anyone with idea of how to get the blummin' support code? thanks