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    Help Please! Roxio Game Capture

    yes i did do a few windows updates but it was security updates. and ive check all my cables.. i just got back to buy a new usb cable and its doing the same thing
  2. xXLegendKillaXx

    Help Please! Roxio Game Capture

    this is the right one sorry about the double post.
  3. I have recently come to a sudden problem with my roxio game capture. i have hd it going on a year now and have had little to no problems with it ever until recently. i get a very distorted picture and i cant seem to get it to work. i have tried everything and i have even reinstalled it 2 times. i just used it a week ago to record and it was fine and all of a sudden last night i try to record and this happens..can anyone help or give any ideas to what the problem may be? thanks in advance