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    Trouble With Live Stream - Split

    I have xsplit but it just lags badly when I try..il try what you said and give you feedback. Thanks for replying
  2. DavHamrick

    Trouble With Live Stream - Split

    i just did everything you said and then I tried to livestream and the same thing happened
  3. DavHamrick

    Live Streaming Stops Randomly

    Atleast you can stream everytime i try, It says im offline and then the Roxio says "Not Responding" and if i do get to stream its maybe 5 seconds and then my Roxio screen freezes for a couple seconds and then "Not Responding". This is ridiculous
  4. DavHamrick

    Trouble With Live Stream - Split

    Yes Twitch says im offline so I go back to the Capture screen to stop the stream and I get "Not Responding". Its literally everytime I try and stream. I've tried refreshing Twitch multiple times and it says im "Offline" and its always Not Responding or it it suprisingly does work it will only last maybe 10 secs the Roxio screen kind of freezes and "Not Responding" pops up
  5. Im having an issue as to where if i click the live stream button, it takes me to Twitch Tv but it always says im offline. I have no idea whats wrong, its literally every time I try and live stream. Then if i hit stop stream it says not responding. Ive contacted Twitch and they said its not from them so im assuming its the Roxio? Anyone else having this problem or know of a fix please respond. I got this for Christmas and its worked 1 time since ive gotten it.