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  1. I see, infact I do this:

    1. delete any cache from my default browser

    2. go to youtube and insert YT's account credentials

    3. open Options of Roxio Capture Software

    4. go to the Youtube setting into the menu

    5. verify your YT's account

    6. end




    click to "Remove" button from Roxio Capture software's menu like below image (in my case italian language "Rimuovi")


  2. Looking at the site you listed, it appears that you're actually wanting to use Stereoscopic Multiplexer, not the player. The multiplexer is the one that lets you input two cameras, sync the left/right images and display as a stereo image on a display, live, from the cameras.


    Having figured that out, I'm very certain that we can say there are no Roxio products that will fulfill your needs.


    Why not use Stereoscopic Multiplexer as it seems to be designed to do exactly what you want to do?


    There are:

    1. Stereoscopic Multiplexer is a tool (2 cameras setting, feel 2 cameras with 2 different inputs)

    2. Stereoscopic Player (live 3D adjustment convergence betweeb 2 cameras)


    I don't have 2 cameras but 1 3D native camera. After this simple explain, I need 1 input (HDMI side by side).

    Unfortunatly GC HD Pro can only enable on ROXIO software / tools to watch on live.

    So I need the same player to adjust and 3D enable.


    I think I cannot have it....


    Thanks for your comment!

  3. Hi guys, my request is very simple, sorry for my bad English:


    I need a software like "Stereoscopic Player" by www.3dtv.at where I can watch in real time from my 3D camera with Roxio GameCAP HD PRO.


    What is "Stereoscopic Player"? Is the "SIMPLE" player where you can plug every 2 cameras (left - right) throught usb or IEEE (adding devices) in REAL TIME without capture the video.


    I want to have the same with RGC having USB2 using ONLY Roxi products.


    I need the DEMO about Roxio VideoLab before to buy it. Where I have it?


    is it clear now?

  4. Okay, so now we know it's 1080P in the side-by-side format. There's no reason the HD Game Capture device shouldn't capture that, again, with the caveat that the frame rate can't be over 60. The camera does the interlacing.


    By the same token, it's probably recording on a standard SDHC card, so that can simply be copied to the PC instead of going through the extra effort of capturing through the Game Capture device. I would definitely think you'd want to simply copy the video files over, rather than capture them.


    you are right, but I need capture (especially watch it) during the shoot to watch in realtime the 3D vision. It is important because I won't lose hours to adjust in post-production with 3D stereoscopic editers...is it clear now?

  5. I understood that the whole purpose of this thread was how to capture 3D video from a 3D camcorder -- and now you can't tell us what camcorder? Why did you create the thread if you don't know the most important piece of information?


    If the purpose of the thread was to ask if the Game Capture will capture 3D, then that was answered earlier and there is no good reason for continuing this discussion. :angry:


    I think that it is not important about 3D camera because the signal from HDMI is 1080p (half 720p SxS).

    Every cameras with 1080 signal will be convert from GameCAP using Roxio standard signal...I have tried with external BD-Player for FullHD TV. Please don't be angry. I want to know from experts like you, sorry ;-)

  6. Hello everyone, sorry for my bad English.


    I want to buy Roxio Video Lab HD, following the tutorial videos I don't see the capture section, especially from external devices like Roxio GameCAP HD PRO (I got it).

    Here the videos from Roxio: http://downloadcente.../tutorials.html


    I need to know if it is possible to watch "OnLocation" and adjust 3D (side by side) convergence during the shoot.


    In pratice:

    my 3D native Camera -> HDMI (via GC HD PRO) -> USB into my 3D Laptop

    and watch it in real time.


    Many thanks in advance at all for answering.

    Quang Tri


  7. I asked earlier what 3D camera you have. You have not responded. Why would a 3D camera not have a way of capturing video for editing.


    I'm not sure what you mean by "there is only stereoscopic player with 2 cameras and not 1 native 3D camera". Did you go to the 3D forums as I suggested? Re-read post 5. You said that you have a 3D computer; OK I can accept that.


    Firewire is only obsolete on some computers (probably yours) you probably have USB 3 ports. By the way, USB 3 is backwards compatible with USB 2.


    What is the right post? is it this: http://www.3dphoto.n...board,83.0.html ?

    my 3D Camera: I don't know the know, but I will post soon... but here some of 3D videos from me


    Laptop: Acer's 3D notebook Aspire 5738DG (passive glasses - interlaced display)


  8. A lot of native 3D cameras are side by side format (2 lens), I need "OnLocation" for to adjust the right during the shoot, so on the Post-Production I will lose less hours.


    I don't mind if anaglyph or native 3D display, for now there is only stereoscopic player with 2 cameras and not 1 native 3D camera. (buying other periferals to connect them)


    The actual 3D cameras has HDMI output and the RGB or FireWire are obsolete.

  9. thanks, find it on Roxio MyDVD VideoLab HD - System Requirement:


    - For video capture: OHCI compliant IEEE 1394 FireWire card for use with DV camera or Roxio Video Capture USB for analog sources.




    • For other supported 3D formats, required hardware is the responsibility of the user.
    • 3D video input formats: over/under full and half height, side-by-side full and half-width, anaglyph red/cyan, RealD, Fuji FinePix REAL 3D
    • 3D video output formats: anaglyph red/cyan, side-by-side and full and half-width, over/under full and half height, RealD


    I don't know if there is "OnLocation" preview with 3D option, I need much more details about it...

    I have got: 3D CAMERA and 3D Laptop to take some test...

    I write here soon !


    Thanks again !

  10. Hi everyone, sorry for my bad English.

    I need to capture throught 3D stereoscopic player via Roxio Capt. HD PRO.


    I have got 3D native camera and I tried with the best Video Editer (Capture) for 3D contents.


    The editers can find the "Roxio GameCap HD Pro" but it don't see anything or errors capture.


    Here the follow software tried:


    - Cyberlink PowerDirector

    - Adobe OnLocation

    - SONY Vegas

    - MAGIX


    and the principal 3D Stereoscopic Player 2.0.3 by 3dtv.at


    Can you help me to develope it or do you have plane to improve it ?


    Here the Look Like: