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    Burning Ac3 Files To Cd

    Actually, any CD player with a digital output connected to a A/V receiver that can decode DTS or AC3 can easily use a normal Cd player and a normal Cd to play a 5.1 format. The Cd has to formatted via redbook standard so that the player knows what to do with it. The digital file is just a bitstream to the burning program.....As I said it works great on the PC side of things with Nero or Cd Architect, but I need something to work with a Mac. Toast version 8? I Think? used to do this just fine. You had to option drag in order to keep it from trying to re-encode. The Toast 10 manual (Pg73) indicates that this should be possible, but in practice, I have not yet gotten it to work. Thanks, Kirt
  2. kbshearer

    Burning Ac3 Files To Cd

    Hey there, Is there a way to burn a Dolby Digital AC3 file onto an audio Cd and not a Dvd? I need to be able to have the encoded Ac3 files on Cd so that they can be decoded by the A/V receiver and played back. I can do this on a PC by using Cd Architect or Nero, but Toast seems to want to mess with the encoding. Is there a way to make this work? Thanks! Kirt