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    Preview Black Screen And Glitchy Recording

    rolling back my video drivers did the job. thanks for your help
  2. hi everyone, I've recently bought the Roxio gamecap HD pro and I have a few problems with it. a week ago it was working fine but now: - I get a black screen at the preview window. when I press capture, the screen becomes normal - The recordings I get are glitchy is there anyone that could help me with these problems? thanks in advance, - proeskoet -
  3. Proeskoet

    Shipping Taking Too Long

    hi, I just want someone to explain why my package hasn't arrived yet. I live in Belgium (EU) and I've ordered my roxio gamecapture HD pro on the 16th of February. I got a mail from roxio that my package has been send on the 21th of february and that it should arrive before 18 march. today it is 19 march and my package hasn't arrived yet. The shipping already took a lot of time. Is this normal? when will my package arrive? thanks for your attention. -proeskoet-