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    Lost My Cd/installation Disk

    yes but what can I do to get the software on this pc?
  2. Help! I've lost my CD?Installation Disk and I have a new computer and I need to download the things that I need to record my PS3 screen with I have proof that I've used it before I made YouTube videos with it and if you want proof that this is my channel ill say a comment in the comment section which will be "Proof That This Is My Video!" Video= PLEASE HELP
  3. XxDROSxX

    Help! Respond With Any Ideas!

    Thank you so much for this! even through all of this above, you manage to fix my problem thank you soooooo much
  4. XxDROSxX

    Help! Respond With Any Ideas!

    I've chosen the " Reppair " option about 3 times now and its still the same but I don't know what else to say to you to try and fix it
  5. XxDROSxX

    Help! Respond With Any Ideas!

    And I forgot to say that when I press the " options " button when trying to record it says " The program has stopped working " and gives me the option to " close the program " or " check online for a solution to fix the problem " :L
  6. XxDROSxX

    Help! Respond With Any Ideas!

    Ok so Im gonna say almost everything that is involved whit the roxio sooo here it goes: I Have a PS3 Super Slim ( newest edition) I Have a HD Pro Roxio Game Capture with "component cables" comeing from my PS3 into the 5 slots on my Roxio, I have a hdmi cable going from my Roxio into my tv. In the "Audio Cables ( white and red ) of my "Component Cables" i have a Gameing Headset extension so that I can hear sound through my Head. I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro Laptop 64-bit ( low-end ) With windows 7 on it. Ive had my Roxio since Christmas 2012 and it worked fine. proof ( )Ive been haveing trouble with the roxio since 3 months. I think this problem occoured because I had a " FBI virus " ( a virus which takes affect when you Start up your computer and says " Your computer has been taken by the FBI " and it then says that you have to pay a amount of money to get your computer back, but its a " con . This is all I can say off the top of my head and I hope it helps Thanks you Jim_Hardin for being there to help
  7. XxDROSxX

    Help! Respond With Any Ideas!

    I cant record in hd (1080i). I have everything setup correctly and I dont know why it didnt work BUT I can record in really low quality I dont know what is wrong with my program or my roxio :'( PLEASE RESPOND WITH ANY IDEAS! here are some pictures On low quality I CAN record BUT here when I put the quality up a little it stops. Sometimes it crashes and sometime says "The Program Has Stopped Working" I am so pissed off about this :'(
  8. XxDROSxX

    Help! Respond With Any Ideas!

    One problem tho, I cant find the disk anywhere ill try and look harder. If I dont find the disk can I buy a new copy on the internet?
  9. XxDROSxX

    Help! Respond With Any Ideas!

    I have a problem, a big problem. My Roxio works but the program you use on your computer also workes but when the option to choose 'Capture' or 'Edit And Share' comes up and if I wanna choose 'capture' and I click it, the loading logo comes up but after about 0.5 - 1 second it goes away. When I spam the button ( got mad at it ) the message " Only one instance of MediaCapture or Plug & Burn may be run at the same time. " I've tryed going on different users but i never had run the program on the different users. PLEASE RESPOND..... D: p.s sorry for all the writeing but it was hard to explain. Here are some pictures :L