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    Roxio Game Capture Hd Pro: Lost Cd

    Will do! Thanks Jim!
  2. Tech team, I apologize and realize that lost CD's are a pain in the butt, I have spent a week going through all my stuff from college and I can't seem to find the CD or code. I can provide proof of purchase or whatever is needed. I needed to reinstall due to a crashed hard drive. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time and help! Best Regards, Zach
  3. AceKING13

    Ps3 Recording In 1080I Only = Youtube 480?

    I honestly dont think either of those are the problem. I need to know what video export setting to choose.
  4. AceKING13

    Ps3 Recording In 1080I Only = Youtube 480?

    It was 16:9
  5. I have done a total of five YouTube videos. Each one is recorded from my PS3 using the composite cables to the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro. The quality toggle on the recording in turned up to the highest setting. When i view the game play on my computer it is amazing quality. So this is where I think the problem is... when you go to export the video you have a list of options. There must have been a gap between my videos and the current "youtube help" videos out. The supported export formats have changed. So what export will give me the best HD quality for a YouTube video?? If needed i can post some screen shots so you know what i have available. This is not a viewing error nor a bad connection... this is a what in the heck export setting do i use?! My first video was in 720 on youtube and i must have changed the export setting by accident. feel free to look at my first video and my latest. Please respond to this ASAP. -AceKING13 First video: Latest video: