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    Choppy, Choppy, Choppy Blu Ray Videos!

    I have played dozens of hi-def videos that smoothly and flawlessly on my Mac, but them burning these as high def Blu Rays, Toast 11 takes forever to encode them, and once they're done, the frame rates are choppy on the final disc, whether it's played on my Mac or a Blu ray player. Is this the result from paying $20 extra for the HD plug in? I will be disputing the charge on my Amex tomorrow. Just waned to know how many others have experienced this poor service from this wonderful thief of a company.
  2. gordonf238

    "encoding" Takes Forever

    Whether burning a DVD video, or a Blu-Ray, both Toast 10 and, now that I've upgraded, Toast 11, continue to take FOREVER to encode video files. I check "Activity Monitor" on my Mac, and see only about 8% of my CPU power being used, so it's no wonder. This used to happen on my Mac Pro workstation, as well as the new iMac I've just received. I'm sure I'm not the only one experiencing this, so any idea why the folks at Roxio decided to throttle this process in such a wasteful, inefficient way? I would love to hear from anyone who was able to fix this issue. Thanks a million!