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    Can't Record?

    Right now I am using HDMI, I have everything setup correctly, but yet my roxio capture software says no signal in red, this happened after I repaired because of an earlier editing lag I had. I can see my xbox on my TV fine though....
  2. That guy with a HD PVR

    Videowave Editing Lag

    I've been using Videowave since I got my Gamecap HD pro, and it hasn't been lagging much,but after a couple weeks and editing a few videos, it has been unbearably laggy. Everytime I split/move/delete video or audio. Everytime it lags, it freezes for around 45 second and I cant take it. Im not sure why, I have a decent computer. My specs are - Intel- i7 2670QM-2.2 ghz Nvidia geforce GT555 6 gb of RAM Windows 7 500gb Hard drive