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    Medium Error Messages When Burning (Failed To Burn_

    my son uses the kodak discs with no problem for his back-ups....but i'll try your suggestion thanks DG. we're up to about 5 failed-burns at this point...that's a lot of time to wait just to find out you got zero-results to show for!
  2. have wasted 2 fresh dvds trying to burn 4.34GB of mixed-data.....getting medium-error messages. one folder contains photos only and there are maybe ten f4v's in the other. this would seem like a fairly simple task for toast 12....any suggestions? imac i5 running os 10.7.5
  3. i see the post before mine was posted january 13th...kinda answers my question. not good.
  4. are there moderators here? it's difficult to tell who's responding to these queries. i have one major complaint about toast titanium (using 11.0.4) and that is for what it does it sure is clunky (slow) when browsing files to add for burning. scroll down wait...wait...scroll down...wait...you might eventually get to the files you need if you don't discover you've overshot them and then you scroll up... wait...wait some more....this thing feels like it's out of gas or stuck in the wrong gear. when i try to simply drag files into my main-window the thing has crashed my computer numerous times...so here we go...scroll..wait..wait some more. once you mange to wrestle your files into place it burns quite quickly but that's far from titanium in my opinion. the feedback about the new toast 11.1 don't sound promising. i payed way too much for this program me thinks. toast 5 was a decent product....what happened roxio?