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    Very Slow Writing Of Data Dvd

    Thank you for the feedback... Just sad to say that an upgrade is "less useful" than what you upgraded from! I have been a long time Toast user as it ALWAYS provided "readable" discs for my clients - first CDs and now DVDs. In an age when everything is needed "faster" slower burning is not an option for me - hope someone in Roxio takes note! Peter
  2. Peter Moloney

    Very Slow Writing Of Data Dvd

    First of all I just recently upgraded from Toast 9 to 11 and I have been a very long time Toast user. I am a professional photographer and I only use Toast for creating Data (Mac & PC) DVDs to supply images to my clients. Toast 11.1 is almost unusabley slow in creating a DVD in comparison to Toast 9 Is there any cure? OSX 10.6.8 Also I'm really annoyed that I registered my copy of toast on the 7th March But received my 14 day warranty confirmation on 15th March and now support says that the warranty period has expired! NOT HAPPY AT ALL! Respestfully, Peter