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    Faulty Hdmi Output

    Hopefully it's quite straightforward. I'm going to check its not just a bent pin or something before I get the soldering iron out! Thanks Jim.
  2. BreakingMyself

    Faulty Hdmi Output

    Howdy, I'm having trouble with a faulty HDMI output port on the Roxio HD Pro. The RHDP will connecl to my laptop, capture and do its job. The output will not show on my TV regardless of settings, different cables, etc I just get 'no signal' on the TV screen when set to the appropriate HDMI port. I don't have a set of component cables to try and see if that works although really the HDMI port should be working. It's probably the port as I have had a replacement RHDP that works fine with the same wires and settings etc. I've also stalked this forum, youtube, google etc and can't get a clear answer. Long story short, I now have two RHDP's and want to fix the port on the faulty one, if that's even possible. Either a repair or even replacing the HDMI port itself? It could also be that the RHDP is not even outputting at all, I had taken that into account. Can anyone here help please? Cheers