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    Poor Hd Encoding

    I have an imac (2.5 ghz intel core i5, 4gb ram, osx 10.6.8) so I bought the LaCie d2 Blu-ray Burner which comes with T11 Titanium and the HD Plug-in. Okay, so the menu options are unexceptable for anything professional but I am just trying to output a blu-ray version of a doc I produced for a film fest... I have tried MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 at "best" and "custom" cranked all the way up. It all looks the same and basically awful. There is nothing wrong with my HD footage (mostly shot with a Sony 5U XDCAM) I shot mostly at 720p and edited in AIC with FCP, Exported native (AIC) and gave that file to toast to encode. The video averages 20mbs (on playback my PS3 can display the bit rate) and peaks around 25-29. No matter what, I can't get it to go higher or look better. I have one scene I shot with a Cannon 7D at 1080i which looks so bad it's as if I dropped a water affect on it. Parts of this video actually look better on the NTSC DVD version. I know that different encoders use different numbers of passes and different "math" to achieve different results... Is toast just a low end product or is there any way I can get this thing to output better video? Is there an alternative to Toast on a mac? I have to mail this thing to the fest like yesterday... Getting desperate. Thanks!!!