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  1. SiLeNT_F1NISH

    Roxio Only Recording .0X Seconds

    Do you have 2 screens? Cause the software can only record when it's on the 1st screen. If so, on PC you can right click anywhere on the desktop and press Screen Resolution Then, Identify. Make sure that the recording software is on screen 1. Based on your issue it seems to go back and forth so that's what i'm guessing cause sometimes it doesn't work and sometimes it does.
  2. SiLeNT_F1NISH

    Hd Pro Not Capturing In Hd On Ps3

    I'm assuming he knows this from after exporting and uploading to YouTube. So some other good questions would be how are you exporting the video. Are you uploading it as soon as you capture it straight to YouTube? Are you exporting straight to YouTube using Roxio VideoWave? Or are you Exporting it then uploading, if so what settings are you using to export it? Just saying but should really be more specific when posting
  3. SiLeNT_F1NISH

    Sound Through Dvi To Hdmi Converter

    Pretty much the title says it all, My Graphics card is only DVI So I used a DVI to HDMI converter to the Roxio Gamecap Device to my HDMI TV. I was wondering what's the easiest way to record the audio coming from the computer? I know it's not possible with the RGC because it's DVI and I know audio doesn't pass through. But I was wondering if there was an easier way to set it up or maybe I have to use some 3rd party software? Thanks, SiLeNT_F1NISH
  4. SiLeNT_F1NISH

    Roxio Videowave Manual / Gamecap Hd Pro

    But if I completely re-install it, to the same hard drive as the videos would that cause it to open the videos faster?
  5. SiLeNT_F1NISH

    Sound Delayed

    The splits I haven't tried yet. But so far, the "Hardware" setting has been really smooth,
  6. SiLeNT_F1NISH

    Sound Delayed

    Software is what it currently is at.. If you wold like to know, Win7 Prof. 64 bit i3 550 @ 3.20 GHZ 4 CPU's w/ 4GB Ram(In the process of improving) NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 EDIT: Did [Graphics Test...] and it switched to Hardware, does that mean it would be better to have hardware selected in my case?
  7. SiLeNT_F1NISH

    Roxio Videowave Manual / Gamecap Hd Pro

    I should probably make a different thread for this but, I've encountered an issue.... Even though a file is in the exact location it is supposed to be in the program cant seem to find it and is considered a "Missing File" it becomes tedious after every production having to re-locate the file... Even though it hasn't even moved... FOR EXAMPLE.... Thanks, SiLeNT_F1NISH EDIT: Just thinking does it have something to do with it being in a different HD then the actual Roxio VideoWave Program? EDIT 2: Would VideoWave run faster if the videos and Program were in the same Drive? Cause in my case they aren't :/ EDIT 3: Also I discovered the "Help" section on the top tool tip... Which I discovered is pretty much what I wanted as a "Manual". Last question before I have to leave, Is uploading to YouTube straight from Roxio VideoWave faster than regularly Exporting > Uploading, or does it all just really depend on your Upload Speed and YouTube's servers at the current time? Because my Upload Speed is <2MB atm and it is taking upwards of 11 hours to upload an 11 minute, 2.57GB WMV File at Windows Media Player 9 1920x1080 VBR
  8. SiLeNT_F1NISH

    Roxio Videowave Manual / Gamecap Hd Pro

    How about... Where are the takes under narration saved in... Meaning the default.. or is there no default and we set them when we made them.. I dont remember where I made mine if so. EDIT: Found it under Tools > Options > Captured Narration: While you were helping me with my other Sound Delay problem.
  9. SiLeNT_F1NISH

    Sound Delayed

    Another thing I exported the video back to windows media and the audio is messed up there... Which means it kinda goes In Sync (Windows Media Player) -> Off Sync (Roxio VideoWave) -> Off Sync (Windows Media Player). So it's not just the preview that's messed up it's corrupting (for lack of a better term) the video file.
  10. SiLeNT_F1NISH

    Roxio Videowave Manual / Gamecap Hd Pro

    I've seen all the videos on there on how to use the editing software... But I still feel like there is so much more too take advantage of, and I know I can just ask here. But I feel like searching for it on my own would be faster and easier once I know the proper place to where I can actually read about it.
  11. SiLeNT_F1NISH

    Sound Delayed

    Although i've given a good amount of information..... is a little video to explain
  12. SiLeNT_F1NISH

    Sound Delayed

    P.S. I know that the Capture is not the issue... Because it's fine with Windows Media Player. So it has to be an issue with importing the Video into Roxio VideoWave. Again thanks, SiLeNT_F1NISH Daniel Vargas NextCraft
  13. SiLeNT_F1NISH

    Sound Delayed

    Well I dont really see anything and I tried searching and there are different issues than mine. I have 2 hour and 45 minute recording and 15 minutes into it gunshots are gettting more and more delayed. Then at the end it's a mess. But this is only in VideoWave, when I play the media through windows media player, 2 hours and 45 minutes in it's still in sync... So, im assuming it's some sort of rendering issue, and if there was a fix. Thanks Jim, I've posted on here before and you were always the most helpful!
  14. SiLeNT_F1NISH

    Sound Delayed

    The Sound when listening to it in Roxio VideoWave has a delay anyway to fix or can I in anyway individualize the Sound and Video
  15. Not sure if I'm posting in the right place.. But where can I find the manual for the Roxio VideoWave program.. and/or the Roxio Gamecap HD Pro. I used to have them ( I think) but I can't find them anymore. Simple Solution: Google it! But I wanted to know where I can find the real one and not one that I have to download like an online PDF of sorts.. Preferably actually on the Roxio website.... Thanks