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  1. Hi, I recently purchased the easy VHS to DVD for Mac. My operating system at the time of the purchase was Lion and I was able to create a movie with no problem. However, I recently upgraded to Mac Mountain Lion version 10.8.3 and tried to create the same movie, but both video and sound are breaking up and eventually disappearing after a minute or so of recording time. I noticed that the adapter is getting warm, so I tried applying an ice pack and that seem to do the trick. I was able to complete the recording, however, it was only a 4 1/2 minute clip. I don't think the change in operating systems has anything to do with the problem and believe the adapter is overheating for some reason, causing the degradation in the signal. Don't know if this contributed, but I did leave the adapter plugged into the computer overnight one time (???). Any thoughts on this? Thanks, Jerry