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    Help! Main Menu With Blank Submenus In Mydvd

    Hi Sknis, Thank you for your quick response. I was able to follow your instructions to use the existing menu. That did the trick. I really appreciated your input
  2. Please help me show the submenu titles at the Main Menu (very first landing screen) in MyDVD. For discussion purpose, my MyDVD project is structured as follows: - Submenu A - submenu 1 - dmsm file a - dmsm file b - dmsm file c - Submenu B - submenu 2 (My title shows up with following movies) - dmsm file d - dmsm file e - dmsm file f - Submenu C - submenu 3 (My title shows up with following movies) - dmsm file g - dmsm file h - dmsm file i For my MyDVD project, "Menus" tab in "Project View" shows the munu hierarchy as I would like. However, my issue is that Submenu A, B, and C shows blank screens in the "Preview" section. I cannot figure out how to edit Submenu A, B, C screen. I would like the Submenu A, B, C to show screen preview of submenu 1, 2, 3 respectively. Or if that is not possible, I would like to at least add "text title" to Submenu A, B, and C to help viewers navigate through the Main Menu screen. This is my very first Roxio project. I would really appreciate your input! Thank you.