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  1. Hi D Guru I am so embarrassed. I never received notification of this reply and had I not done a google search that brought me... back to my own post! I would have went on thinking that nobody had a solution. I'm going to try your remedy. I just had a PC wiz build me a super pc i7, quad core, GTE? gaming graphic card, ssd 1TB drive and separage 1tb storage drive, with 16g RAM. Preview still hangs. I wonder if the WAV audio file along with the 1080 AVCHD video don't play well together. What's the best file format to work with? Should I convert the AVCHD video from my HD SONY CAM? To what? Thanks you, and sorry again
  2. Hi Jim Very sorry about the post n ghost. I remember waiting and checking my email for Roxio forum responses, and either it got mis-distributed in spam or it never made it to my aol account. (yes I still use aol, for forums and freebies only) I honestly thought nobody had an answer. I partially remedied that issue by editing while plugged in only. Battery power just doesn't do it. Slow: I save my work almost every other edit, because despite having a fast laptop with decent processor, the program crashed.. stops responding often. When I save my work, I get a 2-3 second hourglass. When I click on a directory path to choose video or audio, 2-3 sec wait. When I click on any clip in the horizontal workspace, there's a second delay, and most frustrating when i preview my work.. it hangs, the audio plays.. and I have to wait. Sorry again for seemingly deserting my past post.
  3. Hi I've been using Video Wave for years. I like many of it's tools and tricks, but it has always been slowww. I use a 64bit Dell Inspirion with 12gig ram and dual core processor. Maybe it's more than just defragged available hard drive space or video card efficiency/capacity. Can anyone recommend the best file type for editing 1080 HD video? My sony captures AVCHD .mts video. I also use iphone .mov files and mix them in my production. 1. Should I pre-convert video to X format before editing? 2. Does anyone recommend down-converting or decompressing before editing, and then restoring HD video data after rendering? Thanks in advance.
  4. Thank u for your quick response DG. I found the NXT 3 setup files under downloads. I purchased the upgrade directly from NXT 2 software homepage via roxio website. Pardon my venting. I realize the Microsfot Windows is a newer OS, but I thought by now Roxio would join Adobe, Nero, Print Shop, and Corel in their file structure integrity. If my wife, and dad, and average Joe had this problem; they would be out of luck. Roxio NXT is slow as molasses on valluum btw; but at least it crashes too often. #buyersremorse
  5. It really shouldn't be this complicated. 95% of of garden variety software survives windows updates. Roxio should make customers aware of this, and should have a clear step by step process to troubleshoot it. I updated directly from NXT 2 via update button to NXT 3, so I don't have a zip file. I believe I'm out $59.99. I'll have to buy it again.
  6. Hi I waited 2 hours for a massive windows security update, and after it finished, my NXT 3 had been changed to some simper version where in place of EDIT VIDEOS is only CAPTURE VIDEO. When I find old NXT 3 PROJ files, and right click - OPEN, it cannot find the version of NXT 3 that was used prior to windows updates. I tried to go to programs, control panel, and do a REPAIR, but it called for a source file RCPROD.mci that was no longer on my PC, not even in windows.old. I have a video wave project that was half way done. I also tried compatibility troubleshooter, no luck. I popped in the NXT 2 install disc, and found RCPROD file, but it wasn't compatible. I'm using windows 8 64 bit dell inspiron Please save me from buying NXT 3 again.
  7. i have a compound problem, and the first head of the problem is that I'm using a 32 bit version of NXT2 on a 64 bit DELL Inspiron AMD quad core laptop with 12 gig RAM. 12 gig, but DELL doesn't let me rededicate the memory to the video graphics card. Any suggestions? How can I trade in my 32 bit and get the 64 bit, and what else can I do to allow the videowave preview to play fluently without stop n go, get out of sync, and usually crash?
  8. SAME ISSUE. I don't see any resolutions here. ?
  9. Hi I'm using NT 2 on a new Dell inspiron with Windows 8 64bit 12gig ram. When I'm editing video and choose ADD AUDIO - to music, the BROWSE drop-down menu drops for 1 sec and springs back up, disallowing me to select audio file. I've shut down restarted several times and still same issue. I tried MY MEDIA, but it can't find the particular mp3 i want in my directory. Please advise.
  10. Hi, I have a Dell n5010 laptop with i3 running W7 and I have used my Roxio nxt several times with no problem. I created a music disc with 76 minutes of music, but I can't seem to get disc creator and my internal cd/dvd burner to communicate. It's saving the disc image. It tells me that it's Writing.. disc.. but the burner disc drive never lights and roxio gives me Complete indication without burning. anyone?