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  1. Found the problem. Here were the steps Goto to event viewer / windows logs / applications and look for errors generated by the roxio software. In my case there was an event that roxmediadb15 tried to start divxdec.ax and it failed. divxdec is an old decoder and most likely bagage from some other software I used, anyway as it is not part of roxio and old I uninstalled the divx decoder and this solved the problem. On a different PC which codec is failing and how to uninstall it is left to the reader. A hint from the software that a module had failed to load would have been good practice and saved some time.
  2. Keeping up their tradition of being hit and miss with installs, NXT 8 has problems (latest service pack installed) on my machine. I uninstalled my AV (so that excuss is gone) and installed NXT Pro 8 without errors being reported. Gave it a quick test and found: videowave will not start capture video will not start Browse and manage media will not start I evenutally get the generic C++ runtime error for some of these. If you want to watch an exciting video of things not working I have attached it. So any one got any clues? --- PC 5930 i7 Window 10 upto date 1060GTX 32Gb Tried with and without a video source ~512Gb free disk space Screen.mp4
  3. DrDGCC

    Anti-Virus And Nxt Pro 2

    No problem Because Bitdefender could not clean the file, it flagged the file as non-executable. I just had to add to the list of exclusions in bitdefender (anti-virus settings) after installation, in my case this resolved the exe. I was a little lucky that it had not tampered with the file, in that case I would have to go throught the loops of disabling the anti-virus during install, adding the exclusions; and depending on how agressive the anti-virus is, it may either involve restoring the exe from a backup once it has been excluded. Don't like exclusions, but no choice. Daniel
  4. This is just a heads up, I am using bit-defender and it reports a virus in RoxioCentralFx.exe (I downloaded NXT 2 today from the UK site). Meanwhile AVG and others give it the all clear - so it looks like some virus scanners are given it a false positive. This explained my many clashes and installation hangs.
  5. I am having the same issue - and despite lots of guru posts saying basically "yeah, email support is free, and you can get them to reset the serial number", I am still looking for the free email address. All of the links finally redirect you to "pay up if you want to use the software". For instance http://corel.force.com/roxio?lang=en leads to the wedpage of "got you suckers - pay up!". I find it annoying but bearable that I have to contact Corel to reset the serial number. I find it unbelievable that there is no free help after 14 day - maybe they think their software is perfect and never needs support. If there is free support it would nice if a guru would just post it.