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  1. L Smith

    Photosuite 4 Problem

    Rolling back to IE9 did allow Photoshop 4 to work again, but that caused problems with other programs, including my Norton. Last month, my boot drive bricked on me, so I decided to do a clean install. After installing Win7 with all its upgrades, it wouldn't even let me install PS4. So, I reformatted the drive and started all over again. But this time, I unplugged the ethernet and wouldn't let Win7 update itself. I installed PS4 before installing any other programs. Then, I plugged the ethernet back in and let the OS do all of the updates it wanted, including IE10, and for some reason, my PS4 works fine. I don't understand it, but I'm happy.
  2. L Smith

    Photosuite 4 Problem

    I've tried a lot of different programs, including paint.net, but PhotoSuite 4 is the only program I've found that will paint with transparency.
  3. L Smith

    Photosuite 4 Problem

    pattijean, In windows 7, it's called "Programs and Features" but your version should be similar, but with different names for things. Inside that program removal box, look for a link to "Installed Updates" or something like that. That's where you should be able to find IE10 and remove it. Good luck.
  4. L Smith

    Photosuite 4 Problem

    Son of a Gun, it worked! And it was a whole lot simpler than the method I first used. Thanks
  5. L Smith

    Photosuite 4 Problem

    In order to use Windows Virtualization, you must be running Windows Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate. If you're running the Home version, you'll have to decide if upgrading is worth it to you. This really is a convoluted process, so have some patience. The way I found the instructions was by clicking the START button, and clicking on the HELP AND SUPPORT link. Then I searched for "run in XP Mode". It gave me a link to "Install and use Windows XP Mode in Windows 7". Print that proceedure so you can get back to it. The first process is to download a program to see if your computer will support virtualization. Then download and install Windows XP Mode as well as Windows Virtualization mode. Windows XP mode runs like a seperate computer within your computer. When you first run it, it really does look like a screen from the old XP days. You'll need to instal an antivirus within XP Mode. Finally, you can install PhotoSuite 4 within XP Mode. You can create a shortcut right on your Win 7 desktop that will open PhotoSuite 4 within an XP window. But I still haven't figured out how to put Photosuite 4 into a right-click menu. Good Luck!
  6. L Smith

    Photosuite 4 Problem

    The more I tried Photosuite 11, the less I liked it. I did get Photosuite 4 running again, but it was a real project to do it. I had to download and install Microsoft's Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode programs, but I can now run Photosuite 4 in Windows XP mode.
  7. L Smith

    Transparent Background

    How do I make a new canvas transparent in Photosuite? This was a simple task in Photosuite 4, but that program quit working earlier this month with a Windows update, and I'm having a hard time with the learning curve with this newer version. Photosuite 4 also had a transparent flood-fill that I can't seen to find. The only transparency adjustment I've found in Photosuite 2011 makes the entire image go away, not just the selected color. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  8. L Smith

    Photosuite 4 Problem

    My Photosuite 4 worked great, even in Windows 7, up until a Microsoft update earlier this month. Now, it's just an empty white box, and I'm trying to learn to use my Photosuite 11 and am really not liking it.