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  1. LARUE

    Disc Label Printing Options

    Thank all of you for all of your help, the problem is solved. Support contacted me and I guess all I needed to do was change the Media type to commercial paper and presto, all of the available paper types are there.
  2. LARUE

    Disc Label Printing Options

    When I looked in Program files, I looked under the Label Creator file and found JWP files. (ie AVERY). All I want to do is print a paper label to a CD disc. In my legecy verison of Roxio I had alot of different options to choose from, in the drop down box of the paper type, when I clicked on print a label. I am disappointed that I may have to go out and buy Epson brand labels. Is there something that I need to do, to get the JWP files to populate into the paper type option field?
  3. I have just installed Creater NXT Pro. When I tried to print a Disc label, I only have 5 Epson options to choice from. Shearching program files, other paper type (Avery) files are loaded with the program but I can't figure out how to get them to load into the disc printing tray of option. Can anyone help.,