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  1. TargetQueen66

    Problems - Split

    I'm having these problems too (video freezes or I get a green screen instead of video). Do you have any tips for improving the signal? My VCR has connections in the front and rear. Is either one better than the other? Is an S video cable better than the AV cables? The other problem I have is a little more bizarre. The bottom half of the window is hidden and I can't get to the record button. I've tried reducing the size of the window and dragging it higher but it just kind of "snaps" back to where it was and I can't see it. Stupid, I know. I'm pretty frustrated with this process and would appreciate any suggestions you have to offer.
  2. TargetQueen66

    Product Is Not Activated

    Good news! I registered my software on the Roxio site and was given 2 weeks of warranty support at no charge. I opened a support case and was given a new product activation key (it took a couple of emails back and forth to explain it, but it all worked out). Everything is up and running. I just have to figure out how to use it now.....
  3. TargetQueen66

    Product Is Not Activated

    I bought this program on ebay. The box was still factory sealed, so I thought because no one had registered it before, it would be okay. But now I find mine isn't activated either. Is there NO way around this?