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  1. Hi, i got the roxio cineplayer BD on asus g73s ! I recently buy skyfall Blu-ray disc ! and when i want to play it on my roxio cineplayer BD ! i got : "WARNING your blu-ray player requires an update in order to play this disc. The manufacturer of your Blu-ray Player recommends taht you go to the website below to obtain the latest update available. PLesae go to this website and follow the manufacturer's instructions to update your Blu-ray Player. They give me this site http://www.roxio.com" But roxio don't sell cineplayer BD (only sell cineplayer DVD) so we got no update/upgrade for this product ! Then i use tool in the software for find update (the sofware manager) ! And ... surprise ... The FLEXnet Connect server are unvialable at this time ! Think the FLEXnet Connect Server i already Down simply ^^ ! So do you have a solution for i see Skyfall Blu-ray in the present day or before the Next Skyfall xD Thank a lot for your response and your support