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  1. Supplexity Productions

    Roxio Easy Vhs To Dvd 3 Plus Usb Capture Device Problem

    I have the ones on the left picture. I tried to run the CD, it didn't work. I went to the Roxio website and got a driver that said Windows 64x as a link and it just worked like that. Simple enough. There's always drivers for devices and systems given free from the website if you have the device.http://i69.servimg.com/u/f69/12/58/09/29/roxio10.jpg
  2. Supplexity Productions

    Roxio Easy Vhs To Dvd 3 Plus Usb Capture Device Problem

    I got the device used off of a guy at the flea market. The CD doesn't allow me to use the product key to activate the software, so I cant even install it. So I'm using the USB capture device on VLC to stream the video. It worked for a while but then just quit out of nowhere. There's no reason it shouldn't work that I can see.
  3. I bought the video capture USB device, brought it home, installed the correct drivers, then I plugged the device in. I plugged up the VCR to the device and puled up VLC and configured it correctly and it worked. It continued working for several days, then stopped. Now when I do the above, I only get sound but I do not get video. I have tried everything from trying new USB ports to uninstalling the drivers and programs and doing a fresh install, but even that doesn't work. I still get no video but I get sound. I have tried the device on other computers and they all work correctly. By this time I had already searched every inch of the Roxio website knowledge base, my problem exists nowhere on the internet that I have seen. Similar problems exist but they all have solutions that don't matter to my device. Although I have tried them. I have tried for days to get ahold of someone in tech support from Roxio, but each time I can't. I was wondering if it was the USB device, but it's not since it works on other computers. I wondered if it's my computer, which I don't know Windows 7 well enough to figure that out yet but it seems fine. All this proves that anything in the knowledge base won't fix my problem. If someone could help me with this, I'll provide any information you like to help you understand this problem. Thank you anyone who replies.