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  1. Thanks and good point myguggi... no value in creating the ISO unless the ISO-to-disc burn time is faster than folders-to-disc. I may have to play with that and see if any significant difference. As far as the part of my post that was confusing... What I did was convert about eight .MTS AVCHD files containing the wedding footage to a Video_TS fileset. When I open Video Wave application and Add Movie files to a production, I select the .vob files that contain the portion of wedding footage that I want contained to a given Menu Title. In this case all of the various footage clips (.vobs) are being categorized into one of two Menus or Titles for the DVD. As such, I created two separate Video Wave productions and saved each of the two projects/productions to resulting project .dmsm files. I then launch the MyDVD application and Add New Movie by selecting one of the .dmsm files. So Add Movie twice for each title or menu. Lastly, I burn the MyDVD project to a Folder set and eventually the folder set to a disc.
  2. Thanks Jim for the quick response. Agreed. This method of burning to folder set and then from Folders to disc seems to be a real timesaver over trying to render and burn inside MyDVD (tempermental). BTW... nice copter and here I thought motorcyles offered a heightened sense of freedom. Must be nice. Through some web search and fiddling around I was able to burn a BD of the wedding video that played on my Samsung BD player with functioning menus. I included both the BDMV and CERTIFICATE folders in my Burn Data Disc operation. I also researched some of the selections in Burn Data Disc Advanced settings. Mode 1 2048 (mode 1=most compatible with video devices and best error correction, 2048=sector size in bytes for user data/content writes), DAO (Disk At Once)... Not Track At Once which is used only for multiple tracks discs such as music/audio CDs) and File System = ISO9660+JOLIET+UDF (the UDF file system standard in this combo is what you are after for DVD and BD player compatibility) are proper/workable selections for burning Video onto BD. I tried taking the MyDVD Blu Ray project I used to create the BD with and change it to/save it as a DVD project and then burn to a Folder Set but up cropped that Encoding Menus Error I had received previously before doing a Roxio Repair routine. My plan for creating the multiple DVD discs I need to ship out is to: Use my previously converted AVCHD .MTS to DVD .VOB files in a new Video Wave project, combining footage/clips from these VOB files into two .dmsd project files, one for each of the two menu items I want on my DVD disc Next, create a MyDVD project importing/adding each of the VW project files as Movies for each of the two menus I create in the MyDVD project Burn the finished product to a Folder Set Perform a Burn Data Disc operation using the resulting VIDEO_TS folder and burn that to DVD+R disc (whole of wedding video is pretty short...my kind of wedding ceremony!) If all looks well when tested out in personal players then load the newly created disc back into PC/laptop fire up Roxio and create an ISO image of that disc Create the required # of copies by burning that ISO image file one at a time to multiple DVD+R discs All Forum members, Please let me know if you can think of any process improvements or ideas on how best, using Roxio NXT Pro, to go from .MTS (AVCHD) taken from camcorder drive to .VOB/INF/BUP file sets to multiple blank DVD discs. Thank you. -kevin
  3. Shout out to Mr Hardin... Thank you sir for assisting me about a year ago...your answer to my post got me over a hump. I have a Canon HG-10 camcorder (records video to its hard disk in AVCHD format) Prior to my recently reading your response I was unable to burn anything to DVD or BD and ready to write the Roxio 2012, NXT Pro and BluRay Plug-in off as a poor purchasing decision and loss. I did do a Repair to try and address the Menu Encoding Error I had received in past attempts. The trick of adding a VideoWave project as a movie to a MyDVD project and then burning that to folder set allowed me to finally Burn Data Disc and create a playable DVD! So to everyone on the forum, my current issue and question is... I attended a wedding recently and was asked to take the video. As stated above, I was able to use this method to create a DVD by performing a Burn Data Disc, adding the VIDEO_TS folder and burning to blank DVD in optical drive and it played back on player. Now I have created a new BluRay MyDVD project of the same wedding footage (although having performed conversion of the videos within NXT Pro from the camera's native AVCHD .MTS format files to .mp4 files) and in the same manner have burned the MyDVD Blu-Ray project to a Folder set that it created in the path I gave and to a MyDVD folder. Within this folder are BDMV, CERTIFICATE and Roxio sub folders. My first inclination is to "Add Folder" and select the BDMV folder and its contents as what to try and burn to BD-R blank disc in my BluRay burner drive via the Burn Data Disc application. When I do an Add -> Folder within Burn Data Disc program do I select the MyDVD, BDMV or the STREAMS folder? I would think the Menus I created would not function if I were to not include the other sub folders within the BDMV folder. At the end of the day I need to have both DVD and Blu-Ray disc version of the wedding video to ship to the wedded couple for them to be able to play on the respective disc player type. Thanks for any help or hints you all can lend. -kevin
  4. I filled the HG-10 camcorder up. I wanted to archive home videos on BD disk for long term storage and playback. Before deleting .mts files from the camcorder I want to make sure the Creator NXT Pro software is a workable solution. I fought hours and hours with trying to accomplish burning a disc using the packaged Corel MyDVD program. I tried with chapters and without, All video clips as one movie and each short clip as its own movie. All of these combinations resulted in hours of waiting and eventual receipt of the "Error when encoding menus" . So I tried changing the render option from hardware to software...no help. I eventually I checked the AVCHD without menus option box when creating a new project...finally I was able to complete the burn process encode, format write and complete steps. I tried playing on laptop which failed (not sure which was default player) then opened CyberLink Power DVD and it required update but did play the BD I burned. I then tried playing it in my Samsung Blu Ray player, failed with unsupported playback, check/clean disc error. And now to my request. Given what I am trying to accomplish, what is the best suggested method? Is it to take these AVCHD/.MTS video clips and create a DVD, Blu-Ray or AVCHD project? It would be ideal to keep the AVC H.264 high def video quality, but at this point I just want to archive my family video memories on optical media that will last for generations to view. DVD or Blu Ray Disk I don't care. I am not sure what to attribute the failed encoding of the menus. I tried editing chapters, different backgrounds and buttons, but never was able to burn with all of the fancy video project options. I am running this Roxio software on a Dell M4600 i7 quad core and 8 GB RAM. The OS is Win 7 Pro 64 bit (but I believe I installed this software in the X86 32-bit partition). I have an AMD ATI FirePro M5950 (FireGL) Mobility Pro Graphics adapter/video card. I would appreciate any suggestions you pros can provide. - kevin