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  1. I have been using NXT Pro 6 (upgrading from 2) and wondered how 7 differed. I know some things in 6 were less good than 2, but was wondering if any improvements have been made.
  2. ECUMC


    I am irritated with Roxio. I have had an audio issue with MP4s from the camera that we haven't figured out (static and nothing else), but working fine in other programs (including Roxio's) I saved the audio in Goldwave, muted the native audio, and added the redone audio (which plays fine), but when I try to output a new MP4 get the following message: "Error an error occurred during rendering." Gee, thanks a lot Roxio, that is real helpful. I have also had issue with jewel case inserts saved at times, and problems at times in MYDVD with it getting to 99% and failing. I upgraded the computer and versions to NXT 6 and still had that issue a few times in this version. I can usually restart before starting the rendering and make it, but I shouldn't have to. It seems like the programs have gone south. I go back to Adaptec and things seemed better back then. I may have to scrap Roxio products altogether and go with another company's.
  3. ECUMC

    Distorted audio - static

    Does anyone have any idea? I can send the short unedited clip upon request. I hate not being able to use VideoWave on these videos.
  4. ECUMC

    Distorted audio - static

    I sent a link to you via private message.It too plays fine, but when dropped into Videowave has the same distortion / static.
  5. ECUMC

    Distorted audio - static

    No worries. I am getting ready to do just that. The properties are from the unaltered file by right clicking on the file itself.
  6. ECUMC

    Distorted audio - static

    It is actually just over an hour long. I can try to record a short clip with the same camera and upload in a bit.
  7. ECUMC

    Distorted audio - static

    I didn't get it when I made my own video from scratch (and added audio from a WAV). I also didn't get it from this same video AFTER running it through Handbrake and doing the audio as AAC 512 bitrate. BUT, the original unaltered MP4 works fine when I import it into MYDVD. I usually add chapter marks, menu audio etc. but it sounds fine even importing in and going to the add chapter menu. It just messes up on VideoWave (out of the ones I have tried) There were no issues with audio from my old Panasonic consumer recorder. I would have to bring the multiple .MTS files into Videowave and merge into an MP4. It also did fine with audio then.
  8. Ever since getting a new camera whenever I import the MP4 into videowave, the audio is pretty much nothing but loud static. I make a new production (top choice), and drag and drop the MP4 on it, and static is the result. I tried extracting the audio in Goldwave, saving as a WAV file, and adding it on the internal track or audio track and I still hear the same static (the original sound is nowhere to be heard). I don't know what else to do. The video shows the following properties:
  9. ECUMC

    MP4 camera

    We have a JVC AVCHD camcorder. The Canon was a cheaper one I looked at to buy instead of the one linked, but it only records in AVCHD. My understanding is that it has limitations in size (perhaps due to Fat32 I believe). I do keep the merged files (and right now at least the original AVCHD MTS files). I will have to see if I can put both files into VideoWave and do the chapters. I thought it would add a chapter or break where the two files were separated. I will have to see if the current one will let me choose different quality on the camera level side. We still need one with the inputs for our sound system and the ability to zoom in from app 125 feet away (from a balcony). I am not sure if that will work for the old or new cameras. I do for jump drives assuming I don't need to use on older computers.
  10. ECUMC

    MP4 camera

    But isn't that what's going on when it's making an image or burning a disc?
  11. ECUMC

    MP4 camera

    I have been doing it for some time. I would like to just like to knock an hour or so off of the time (merging). I can get a Canon for around 1300. but it only does AVCHD. I need one with inputs (line level and XLR)to hook to our sound system, so that increases the price. Our consumer model uses a built in mic and picks up too much background noise.
  12. ECUMC

    MP4 camera

    Sorry, we record the entire service, I then add chapter marks (app 8-10) , add menu music, make jewel case inserts, and burn a disc image. I then extract the sermon from the image using Handbrake to put on YouTube and burn the entire image (with chapter marks) to DVD for use for shut ins and a nursing home. Because the current camcorder is limited by the format, it splits the service into 2-3 files. This was not as big of a deal with the previous version I had (I think #2), but with this one, I have to go into VideoWave to merge to a single file before I can go into DVD creator. Part of the reason I am getting the camcorder I am is to prevent th4e extra hour or so to merge the file. But, if it is going to take as long or longer to do so with MP4, then I am not sure I am saving anything in that regard (except having to convert from one format (.MTS to MP4). I may have to look for some program to do the merging faster if that is the case, or I might as well get a cheaper video camera that only records in the MTS format). I was told by a sales rep that he is unaware of any Video Cameras that do not record to clips if the MP4 format.) I don't mind the merging if it isn't going to take so long.
  13. ECUMC

    MP4 camera

    We are probably getting the following https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1250997-REG/panasonic_ag_ux90_4k_professional_camcorder.html (needed to hook up to the sound system and wanted something that would record to MP4 to save me from having to merge the AVCHD MTS files. But I understand that even MP4 will record in clips. I use mostly Roxio NXT pro, but also use Handbrake to extract the sermon from the image to post on YouTube. Does anyone know if the clips going to have to be merged and rendered even if recorded to MP4, or is there a faster way with that format, or this camera?
  14. I had this message come up in MY DVD on the old computer and that and other issues with Roxio had me update my 8 year old box. This still happens on the new machine at times and like the old, the only solution seems to be rebooting the computer. The specs on my new computer are: Intel Core i7-8700 Desktop Processor 6 Cores up to 4.6GHz Turbo LGA1151 300 Series 65W BX80684i78700 Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 DRAM 2666MHz (PC4-21300) C16 Memory Kit - Black Samsung 960 EVO Series - 500GB NVMe - M.2 Internal SSD (MZ-V6E500BW) I didn't get a video or sound card (yet), but see no reason why this causes problems as I have a pretty screaming machine now. The video (today's at least) is over an hour long and I am trying to burn a disc image prior to burning to DVD. Any ideas? I would rather get it to stop doing that, than to have to reboot and try again. Thanks.
  15. ECUMC

    Updating Secure Burn Drive Letters

    Why is it that I suddenly want to clap my hands, stomp my feet, and say "amen"? Thanks.