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    Having A Few Problems With My Cap Card

    I've done step 1 and 2, and am on the " Create a New User Account with Administrator Privileges." step now. Could you help me out with this one, I'm a bit lost
  2. Two4Flinchin'

    Having A Few Problems With My Cap Card

    I don't have any other source nearby (Other than the encrypted PS3), so I ran the HDMI directly from my PC to the TV, and then again to my actual PC screen. The problems remained the same as above, with it not responding to picking up anything. By make/model of the PC.. all I know from my experience is it is an iBuyPower case (Maybe you could help me find the specifics ) Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 Hope this first test helped
  3. Two4Flinchin'

    Having A Few Problems With My Cap Card

    I've had my Roxio capture card for a few months now, and for a first few weeks, it worked great. I recorded videos and edited them into masterpieces using the device software. Somewhere in the mix though, it seems something went wrong. I ran into a problem where on the start menu of the card (Where you can choose to 'Capture' or 'Edit and Share'), I couldn't do anything. Clicking 'Capture' would yield no result at all. 'Edit and Share' would launch, but immediately stop responding. After a repair (Using the steps I've read Jim_Hardin post many time), I was able to get past this issue. Now, 'Capture' will launch, but there is a buffet of problems. Upon launching, it will typically display 'No Signal' in red. Every option box is blacked out. If I click 'Options' or anything from the tool bar, it stops responding. I can adjust the quality bar, however. When it is moved at all, the status will change to 'Ready'. If the setting is set down all the way, a clear picture appears, but anything higher than that results in a blank screen with only noise. Clicking 'Start Capture' when the clear picture up causes the program to stop responding again. I have since tried repairing it again (Turned off Anti-Virus and Firewall, so I doubt that is the problem on my end).. but I can't seem to work my way around it. Any help on this would be appreciated The information/specs for my equipment are: Xbox 360 -> Hdmi -> Roxio -> Hdmi -> TV (Also USB from Roxio to PC) I run dual HDMI cables. I replaced both when the problem occured, checked the plug-ins, and all that, so, that should eliminate problems with the cords. Pc specs: Windows 7 64-bit 8.00 GB RAM 3.30 GHz processor Processor: 7.2 Memory (RAM): 7.5 Graphics: 7.6 Gaming Graphics: 7.6 Hard drive: 5.9 I certainly hope you gurus can help me fix this problem, I can't wait to get back to recording videos Edit: I may need to be walked through some specific details/processes/fixes. I'm not as technologically 'able' as some