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  1. So how would i find this win-pause? I'm also on windows 8.1, If that could be a factor or not.
  2. AMD A6-4400m APU with Radeon HD Graphics 4.00 GB Ram Onboard graphics "glitchy" as in it looses color, stutters, and low framerate when the game starts.
  3. ok so I got it all ready i just recorded a clip. But when I was previewing afterwards. It was glitchy, not really working well. And I was wondering if that was my computer or the gamcap itself. As in do i need a better computer, and if so, what do I need to be "better." Or is it my roxio? I had it for some time now, a little over a year without use. The problem is solved I just need to know this.
  4. which one will i need. I don't have it downloaded yet.
  5. Ok cool I got it, I downloaded it. And I ran into yet another roadblock. When ever I have the usb plugged in to my computer, its get the blank page below. I tried to to the service 1.1 service pack, says the same thing when I tried to download it earlier. I'm also using HDMI, not component. Am I doing something wrong? Also the software works fine when its not plugged in.
  6. So when is that message supposed to show up?
  7. I have it registered on this site, but I still don't have my CD.
  8. I recently completely restored my computer, i lost all my files and such in the process. I need to get the capture software that comes with the CD. I tried to download off this website, but it says that it couldn't locate it on my system. Do I need a new CD? Am I downloading the wrong file? Please help! The Picture is what I get from the 1.1 service pack.
  9. By the way would any of you know if roxio will be updating the software to where you can record with your voice? -just curious
  10. Alright tested with a ps3 and a up to date xbox 360 slim, worked perfected fine on both. I'm guessing the next step is to get anew xbox?
  11. I'll consider the dvd thing, but I'll have bring one over.
  12. the picture in the capture window was perfect. and ok i'll get a new xbox a see what happens.
  13. I used a ps3 for my test with hdmi, it said signal protected which I'm sure is the ps3 protection thing they got going on. but my xbox just does not like recording devices.
  14. I think its my xbox. Reason: I had a hd pvr 2 and my xbox didn't like it ether, cause at this point I don't know what can possible be done. I've done everything on this page.
  15. Yeah and didn't know what he meant.