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    Wii Setup Clarification

    So if I'm using two sets of A/V cables (the red-white-yellow kind) instead of one red-white-yellow cable and one HDMI cable it should work?
  2. JCMoore

    Wii Setup Clarification

    Hey all, Just got my Game Capture HD Pro. Works perfectly with the Xbox 360, but for the Wii its in black and white. The set-up right now is the A/V cables from the Wii going into the box and then an HDMI cable going into the TV. From what I've read online, it sounds like I need to invest in a set of HD Component Cables for the Wii. Is this correct? Wanted to check before I spent more. Any other way to get it working without buying more? Or if so, any good place I can buy said cables from? Thanks.