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    No Playback - Black Screen.

    I have had the premium package on Roxio for videos that I use for my business...when you go to the site now..you get the video..but it just sits there as a black screen and never starts up..the pictures are there...and you can bring them up on the right side where it says "edit"...but the video will not play...any ideas on what could be wrong? I loved using this system for my website connect.....but now it is worthless...and I am paid up until Nov 2014!
  2. pamhill49

    Black Screen

    I have the Gold package...when you go to each video to play it..there is only a black screen..nothing starts ..no music..no pictures..nothing...and I have tried all of my videos ..but they are all black..When I pull up the pictures..they are there...but you have to click on each one to see it in the screen..and there is no movement...no music...just a still picture
  3. pamhill49

    Black Screen

    None of my videos will play back ...only get a black screen...everything worked before ..and account is currrent..