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    3D Change Every Icon On My Pc

    Yes I have the second one, apologize if I posted in the wrong section, but I didn t find any better section, tell me if I am wrong and sorry again About the pictures, I open it with Windows photo viewer and there is no pictures in the music folder. About file association I dont know anything, I will search on internet, the icon next to the song is the WMP (windos media player) icon as you can see in the Picture 2
  2. mryo!

    3D Change Every Icon On My Pc

    First thanks again for helping me, In the first picture you can see my desktop and the toolbar, here I have opened Mozzilla and Paint. In the second picture I have opened the New folder (in the previous picture was close) and you can see that the icon is already changed. In the third I have opened another folder with different icon (Music) but still the Icon 3D is here.. (usually I see 2 different icon, the music icon and the folder icon) The fourth is when I right click on the 3D icon in the toolbar, the only thing new is that it say:"Esempi foto 3d" that mean "3d pictures examples", it came when I installed the program. I only use roxio to burn cds to listen in my car, I never used or opened any other program that comes with ROXIO Creator PRO 2012. Any idea? You asked me for association, if I undestood you mean with what program I open music or movies, the music with Windous Media Player, and the movies with Home Classic Cinema, I don t think this is the problem because this happen only if I open a folder not a file! Hope my english is not so bad MR yo! Picture 1 Pic 2 3 4
  3. mryo!

    3D Change Every Icon On My Pc

    ok here you are... http://img803.images...90/59291512.png here you can see the icon of the folder (defult windows icon), but after I install roxio, when I open the same folder, the icon at the bottom change, and it became 3D. Thanks for help! ps. what I want is that the same default icon that I see on the desktop, I can see it in the windos toolbar as well!
  4. mryo!

    3D Change Every Icon On My Pc

    Hello everybody! I am new and I think this program is fine! The only problem I have is that now, when I open a folder, I see it with the 3D icon and not the default. I tried to open Properites -> Restore default or change Icon but still doesn t change. Usually I open 3 folder with different icon so I can manage better from the toolbar, but as I said I only see the 3D icon. How can I resolve?? Many thanks for answers! MR YO!