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    3D Change Every Icon On My Pc

    Yes I have the second one, apologize if I posted in the wrong section, but I didn t find any better section, tell me if I am wrong and sorry again About the pictures, I open it with Windows photo viewer and there is no pictures in the music folder. About file association I dont know anything, I will search on internet, the icon next to the song is the WMP (windos media player) icon as you can see in the Picture 2
  2. mryo!

    3D Change Every Icon On My Pc

    Hello everybody! I am new and I think this program is fine! The only problem I have is that now, when I open a folder, I see it with the 3D icon and not the default. I tried to open Properites -> Restore default or change Icon but still doesn t change. Usually I open 3 folder with different icon so I can manage better from the toolbar, but as I said I only see the 3D icon. How can I resolve?? Many thanks for answers! MR YO!
  3. mryo!

    3D Change Every Icon On My Pc

    First thanks again for helping me, In the first picture you can see my desktop and the toolbar, here I have opened Mozzilla and Paint. In the second picture I have opened the New folder (in the previous picture was close) and you can see that the icon is already changed. In the third I have opened another folder with different icon (Music) but still the Icon 3D is here.. (usually I see 2 different icon, the music icon and the folder icon) The fourth is when I right click on the 3D icon in the toolbar, the only thing new is that it say:"Esempi foto 3d" that mean "3d pictures examples", it came when I installed the program. I only use roxio to burn cds to listen in my car, I never used or opened any other program that comes with ROXIO Creator PRO 2012. Any idea? You asked me for association, if I undestood you mean with what program I open music or movies, the music with Windous Media Player, and the movies with Home Classic Cinema, I don t think this is the problem because this happen only if I open a folder not a file! Hope my english is not so bad MR yo! Picture 1 Pic 2 3 4
  4. mryo!

    3D Change Every Icon On My Pc

    ok here you are... http://img803.images...90/59291512.png here you can see the icon of the folder (defult windows icon), but after I install roxio, when I open the same folder, the icon at the bottom change, and it became 3D. Thanks for help! ps. what I want is that the same default icon that I see on the desktop, I can see it in the windos toolbar as well!