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  1. Robert Gardner <magnumrtawd@gmail.com> 5:49 PM (20 minutes ago) to Roxio I found DVD builder in my Roxio menu but it doesn't say builder 6. I will go thru the instructions and try it out. Just curious. When I finalized all of my copy's using drag to disk the software popped up when ejecting it will take 3 to 5 min. but it will be readable in most DVD players. Other wise eject now and it will be faster but the disk will only be readable in a computer running Roxio drag to disk. I always chose the longer method.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I copied 8mm tapes to a dvd recorder then inserted that dvd in my pc and copied it to my desk top. I then drug that icon to my roxio drag to disk icon with a blank disk in my drive. It recorded and I followed the info to eject slowly to finalize so it would be playable on all dvd players. It does contain a VIDEO_TS folder containing a number of ifo, bup and vob files? I am using sony DVD-R disks. I'm getting unRecognizable media , or can not read messages.
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    Newbe Roxio Queston.

    I don't know where to post this. I have roxio 6 and have burnt 12 dvd's which 8 will not play in other dvd players even though they all have been finalized by Roxio 6. They will work in the pc that created them. Help ....
  4. I have roxio 6 and dvds will burn but after finaliging they will not play on dvd players. They will play on my pc which created them. I have a ATAPI DVD A DH20A-4P running Roxio 6 Any thoughts?