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    What Kind Of Support Is This?

    I tried to contact support by phone and got to press 2 for support code which goes to a recording. Never found a way to talk to a person about my support problem. Automation is nice and can help but you still need to talk to a real live person once and a while. Roxio under Corel seems to have lost the personal touch. Initial support is good for 17 days and they don't send you a support code until after 17 days then your are SOL. No way to run support.
  2. bearinwoods

    Burn Errors With Toast 11 Titanium

    I have a Pioneer SBP-LUN Blu-Ray writer and my problems when backing up files spanning multiple Blu-Ray disks the system will burn disk 1 and disk 2 and then hang on disk 3 and never make it to the final disk number 4. I says it is at 99% but never goes past that. Can sit over night and no change. Tell Toast to abort and it goes into a loop and never aborts. I can read the files from disk 1 and disk 2. System says disk 3 is blank. No compression is turned on. Any ideas why?
  3. bearinwoods

    Toast 11.1 (1067) Various Issues

    I got and installed Toast 11.0 this week and upgraded to Toast 11.1 last night. However, I still have problems spanning disks. The takes up 4 Blu-Ray 25 GB disks and Toast will write disk one and two but fails on disk 3. I states it is at 99% but has no completion time. It will sit like that for days. Asking it to abort sends it to a loop that never complets the process. I have to force quit the program. I can read data from disk one and disk two. I have it set to not split files when spanning disks. No compression. Any ideas what is wrong?