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  1. Cookie J

    Live Streaming With Obs

    Okay Thanks
  2. Cookie J

    Live Streaming With Obs

    Do you know how I can contact them?
  3. Cookie J

    Live Streaming With Obs

    Okay so I was wondering if it is ever going to be possible to add the Roxio Game capture HD pro to the Add video Capture Device option in OBS. I have asked on OBS forums and they said it was up to Roxio. I know I can use the capture in screen option but then the audio is not linked up.
  4. Cookie J

    Recorded For 40 Mins And Only 14 Minuets Was Recorded :)

    Trying to repair and im getting these.. http://gyazo.com/589c1dd1ea01aabf280f83fe0a9f957e http://gyazo.com/4d294ce4e7568040ad415f136d2d970a
  5. Cookie J

    Recorded For 40 Mins And Only 14 Minuets Was Recorded :)

    Ahh ok yea sorry Ill do that next, ill let you know if it worked out
  6. Cookie J

    Recorded For 40 Mins And Only 14 Minuets Was Recorded :)

    Ok sorry I never got around to doing the re install sooner. Did it yesterday, and the software still crashes when I click start capture.. I can use the Preroll, but the max it captures is 60 mins.
  7. Cookie J

    Recorded For 40 Mins And Only 14 Minuets Was Recorded :)

    Ok Thanks Guys I'll let you know if it works.. And just to make sure.. The pre roll just captures your last couple mins of recording?
  8. Cookie J

    Recorded For 40 Mins And Only 14 Minuets Was Recorded :)

    Ok so how do I record all gameplay.. Cause I just tested.. And Start Capture still crashes the software
  9. Ok so every time I use the roxio there is a new problem.. :/ When The update came out.. I tried it out.. I clicked on start capture and it crashes... So I then started just clicking Start Pre Roll... So that's what I did just now. I clicked Start Pre Roll and I was playing for about 40 mins.. And after I clicked save pre roll.. I look at the recording and its only 14 mins long.... Now I would understand if it was only the first 14 mins... Oh no its just the last 14 mins of game play.... For real, what is happening here :/
  10. Ok sorry guys turns out it never said only one pc and, i got it set up on the better pc and the mic quality is good when using that so its all good
  11. Ok so I was just wondering if it was possible to change the stream delay when I stream to Twitch, It seems to be very far behind, I haven't timed it but it is for sure over 1 minute. I'm Just looking for a simple solution, and I cant seem to find one anywhere so I started this topic. And I was also wondering if it is possible to record my friends voices through a Skype call over PC? Thanks for your help in advance
  12. Hey guys I haven't been on in awhile, I would really love to be able to install the video wave software on my newer better pc but when i try it is saying it can only be installed on 1 pc. I would really appreciate some help hear as my laptop is in no shape to handle the capture card. I also have a problem with recording with the capture card and my turtle beaches at the same time, as my mic audio comes out terrible, (turtle beach blame the capture card)
  13. This is embarrassing but, iv had the roxio game cap hd pro for abou 3 days now and every time i turned on my xbox no signel would appair, it would eventually come on after re setting every thing up again countless times but, yesterday when i couldent get any signel. I stupidly is the arrow where the light is a button. Wouldn't you know i pressed it a little bit to hard and it broke. This proved not to be a problem for the entire day untill i stoped using my xbox and it auto matically powered off, after ahwile i decided i wanted to get a little bit more futtage, so i turned my xbox on, and again no signel appeared. So tryng to get it to work i unpluged the usb input connection and pluged it back in and then there was no light on the capture card. And that is the last thing i have done with the capture card. I'm kind of scared to do anything with it now. I do feel really stupid right now Any help would be great. And sorry for such a long description.