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    Apple App Store Error Message

    I recently brought a new 27" i7 Apple imac running OSX 10.8 I decided to install the last version of Toast that I brought which is Toast 9 After the installation I was prompted to download and install the 9.0.7a update. Whilst toast 9 worked fine the update didn't and I got an error message saying the Apps store saying the software was from an unrecognised developer and refused to run it. I have reinstalled the original version 9 but would like to know if other people have had the same message ? I don't know why the Apple App store interviend in this way as I did not buy the software from them anyway. I know I should upgrade to a latter version but having paid out for every version from 3 onwards including two copies of 7 and 8 I am quite happy as I am for the time being and I don't use the product that much. So any answers please. I would also point out that I am disabled with a degenerative nurological condition of the brain and central nervous system so nothing to technical please. Mr Mouse