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  1. It is a DVD drive. I watched a movie last week and it worked fine, so it stopped working recently. System Restore didn't help much either.
  2. No, my drive won't read dvds, I just checked. The disc is definately the right way up, too
  3. I recently bought a Roxio Game Capture device and at first I had no problems, I set it up fine, and bought a component cable. Everything was (and is) set up perfectly and no wires are loose. My problem is when I put the Roxio CD that came with the GameCap into my laptop, nothing reads. Basically, when I open 'My Computer' where it should say the disc it says 'DVD RW Drive (D:.)'. I click on this and it says 'Please insert a disc' and my drive clicks open. I have checked and the disc isn't scratched, and other discs such as games and music work just fine. If I could gather some help from this it would be great, as I don't want to waste even more money on a technician that I may not need. Thanks.