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    Export Sound Off Roxio Game Cap Hd Pro

    Okay. How do I show you my computer specs?
  2. opforcej

    Export Sound Off Roxio Game Cap Hd Pro

    And sorry didn't explain in detail: When I use Windows Media Player to view my trimmed clip, sound is delayed A LOT. When I preview my trimmed clip in Videowave that has already been exported, sound is delayed. Let's exclude Vegas Pro from this discussion. That's not my problem. Exporting videos in Videowave is my problem. The sound is delayed.
  3. opforcej

    Export Sound Off Roxio Game Cap Hd Pro

    Because I just got Vegas Pro yesterday and this not the first time I've had a problem with the sound when I export my clips on Videowave. I've uploaded a few videos on YouTube of some game montages and you can notice that the sound is off on some clips. I've had my Roxio Game Cap HD Pro for about a month now. Look up opforce12 on YouTube. I used videowave for about all the videos. Some clips the audio is just fine but on other clips, the sound is off. It's still there but it's delayed.
  4. opforcej

    Export Sound Off Roxio Game Cap Hd Pro

    It's not Sony Vegas Pro that I'm having trouble with the sound being off. It's when I export it on Videowave. Sorry, I'm a little new to this stuff. I'm not all that great at explaining stuff. If you'd like I can record what I do and then figure out a way to send it to you.
  5. opforcej

    Export Sound Off Roxio Game Cap Hd Pro

    I wanted to use Sony Vegas Pro software instead of using Videowave. But for some reason Sony Vegas Pro will not fully load my video I recorded. It will only load like the first 20 seconds or so. So I went on the Videowave software and trimmed the little part I wanted and exported it as an MP4 in 720p. The sound is off when I exported it.
  6. I've edited about 4 or 5 videos and I've always noticed that one or a few of my trimmed clips, the audio will be WAY off. So I just got Sony Vegas Pro 11 and I wanted to go on the Videowave editing software to just trim my clip that I wanted and export it as an MP4 in 720p. Well I tried exporting a few times and the audio would be off. The audio wasn't even close to what I had in my 7 second clip. What's wrong with it? Why is the audio so off? I'll take about a 10 minute clip and trim it in Videowave then it'll get the sound from about 5-10 seconds before the trimmed clip that's not even in my trimmed clip. My computer specs: Intel Core i5-2410M CPU @ 2.30GHz 8 GB RAM Intel HD Graphics (Basic) 32 bit Windows 7 Ultimate