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  1. Very kind of you to welcome me back. My reason for not posting for some time was that I was faling further and further behind, still with Windows XP and Creator 2012, so could not really help much with current versions and issues. However I am now getting a new PC (Windowws 7, with free upgrade to 10 in due course. and came here to see whether NXT3 was OK. Rather frustratingly, the PC was supposed to have been delivered 10 days ago, but the carriers seem unable to find my house. Can't communicate with them directly, only via 'customer care' in India, so it takes at least 48 hours for any message to get through the chain. I hope maybe tomorrow...
  2. If you have Winzip or equivalent, you should be able to extract the folders and files from the RoxioNXT3 installation .exe file (copy it onto your hard drive in some convenient place. You will see a number of folders. One of those will contain that .msi file. When you get that message enter the path.to it. That should fix whatever it is looking for. (also: if you have not emptied your temp folder, since installing RoxioNXT3, the extracted files could still be there).
  3. jeanrosenfeld

    Facefilter Install Error

    Try 1 (one) and 0 (zero) instead of those letters.
  4. jeanrosenfeld

    Triple Scoop Music

    By default they will be installed in a folder called Triple Scoop Music in your My Music folder. In 2012 Pro there are 50 mp3 files (192kbps) and a pdf guide which gives some info (title, artist name, music style, duration, arrangement) and suggests ones to use under various themes, as defined by the provider Sorry Brendon, you weren't there when I started typing.
  5. Before burning your audio CD in Music disc creator (if that is how you made it), did you click project sttings, and check Add CD-text and also check that the audio tags were correct and all there? That is what Label Creator would use. (but it only uses Album name, album artist and track name; if you want to have different artists for various tracks you would, as has been said, have to include the artist names to the track titles, either when editing audio tracks in Music Disc Creator or by editing track titles in Label Creator..
  6. jeanrosenfeld

    Digital Media Le 2.4 : Perte De Données

    TRANSLATION: When creating a data DVD (Windows XP) files and folders whose name begin with a full stop '.' do not show in the list of added items. They disappear when one selects them and tries to add them via the button 'add data' Is there a way of solving this problem? END TRANSLATION My comment:: on my system XP Pro SP3, if I try to create a file or folder with a name beginning with a . I get an error message ('you must type a file name'), so I can't get further to test Pierre's problem, though I susperct it may be related.
  7. jeanrosenfeld

    What Is Roxio Burn Disc Viewer?

    Its improcserver32 registry key says it is activated by C:\Program Files\Roxio 2011\Roxio Burn\RBVirtualFolder.dll The name of the .dll suggests that it is a virtual folder, that only exists while the dll is running. I've never seen it, but then I have never used Roxio Burn (deactivated it from startup). I prefer to use Creator classic.
  8. jeanrosenfeld

    Suggested Methods to Clean LP Recordings

    You could also experiment using the parametric equalizer in Sound Editor (under sound effects), to boost certain frequencies relative to others.
  9. jeanrosenfeld

    Service pack roxio 2010sp2

    Translation: I am simply trying to install an update as I've just installed Easy VHS to DVD. The update patch is called roxiocreator2010sp2.exe. I'm running Windows XP Home SP3. I have no other Roxio products installed. CPU AMD 8650 Triple-core processor 2.3GHz, 3 GB RAM Cette mise a jour est pour Roxio Easy Media Creator 2010 Il vous faut une autre mise a jour pour Easy VHS to DVD: RoxioVHStoDVDSP2.exe http://www.roxio.com/enu/support/easy-vhs-...re_updates.html Translation of my reply: That patch is for Roxio Easy Media Creator 2010. You need a different ptch doe Easy VHS to DVD: RoxioVHStoDVDSP2.exe
  10. jeanrosenfeld

    Service pack roxio 2010sp2

    Translation: The installation stalls with the message cannot delete the file RoxShellView.dll What to do? Il nous faut plus de détails avant de pouvoir vous aider: que faites vous quand ce message apparait? Installation de quoi? Avez vous d'autres produits de Roxio installé? Quel version de Windows, détails de votre ordinateur, etc. (We need more details befor we can help you: what are you trying to do when the message occurs. Installation of what? Do you have other Roxio products installed? Also details of your PC and Windows version, etc.)
  11. jeanrosenfeld

    Label Creator Artist Not Showing

    As far as I know, the label creator track list only gives title (and optionally track number and duration). Work around: 1 Double click on the track list, manually add the artist's name at the beginning of the title of each track. Or 2. copy the track list produced by Label Creator and paste it back in Label Creator's window. The copy can be edited more flexibly, for example if you also want to split the track list into two or more parts, or otherwise edit the layout, as shown in pics for a couple of examples. Then replace the original track list with the edited copy.
  12. jeanrosenfeld

    CD with no song titles

    d_deweywright's link to the plugin: that works fine in WMP 11 for audio CDs, I've used it for years. But make sure that when creating the Audio CD in its settings you have add CD-Text checked and that you have Disc title and Album artist filled in
  13. jeanrosenfeld

    Clean up Audio

    You can also try the equalizer in Sound Editor to 'brighten' the sound (e.g. enhance bass and high frequencies)
  14. jeanrosenfeld

    Converting cd music to .iso files

    In Music disc creator you can save to a .c2d image file. That can be loaded in Roxio virtual drive. So just import your audio CD into Music disc creator, edit tags set project settings etc. to taste, then burn. The .c2d option is available in the drop down box of the save as dialog box.
  15. jeanrosenfeld

    Problems with album art and songs order

    I noticed that you had 'use MusicID tags' checked. Did you actually get the tags from MusicID or did you fill in your own (I rather suspect from what you said that you browsed for the album art that it's the latter). So does it work in Music Disc creator if you uncheck that box?