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    Random Crashes While Streaming .

    nothing has changed . i know that for a fact as my last stream i went too bed straight after turned pc off and then this problem the following morning . i have now started using roxio game cap pro with OBS software - OBS is a million times better than roxio - i just trying to iron out the finer things like not capturing my monitor and instead captureing the actual card . but i will just have too put this one down to a terrible decicion . and if anyone is thinking of getting one DONT
  2. danbottomburp

    Random Crashes While Streaming .

    this is turning out to be the biggest mistake i have made regarding purchasing tech . all was working fine - could stream for however long i wanted but this morning it lasted 20 minutes and a few seconds and then the second time 29 minutes and a few seconds . i have changed nothing . my pc specs are a i7 processor 8gb of ram a gtx 560 gpu 50 download and 18 upload internet . this is deff a software issue so please dont tell me to reinstall it - i have already dont that not once but twice i am currently running a "cpu stress test application " just for peace of mind but i know it will come back and pass with flying colours . i may well be able to return this product under the sales of goods act for not doing what they claim it will do . had nothing but issues with it - should have spent a extra £40 and bought something else . have checked the forum for the same issues and found quite a few threads having the exact same issue but no answer or fix given . please Roxio help fix my problem - and your one time support ticket that only lasts 14 days is a joke - it should be one time free support ticket valid for a year . rant over - ready for some advice or solutions . dan
  3. so streaming is fine - i thought i would edit some gameplay yesterday and was shocked at how poor the software is . unresponsive - constantly freezes and programme says "not responding" my pc has the specs to run it easily - but its just not working right . i have a I7 processor 8 gb of ram gtx 560 gpu what's wrong with the software ?
  4. danbottomburp

    Ok Quick Question -

    i capture ps3 gameplay and stream to twitch . the game played is black ops 2 which is a 1080i game . my monitor - the one i play on only supports upto 720p so is that the reason i cannot stream in 1080i ? ? is what i stream relaint on my monitor ? ? if so i will just buy a newer better spec monitor .
  5. i have it set on 720p while streaming . but the bitrate is on 2250 by default . when i try and increase to 3000 it defaults back to 2250 . is there a way i can have 1080 i ? my pc can more than handle it and my internet would laugh at it all jokes aside i have 50 down and 18 upload i am streaming black ops 2 using ps3 . oh and my monitor only supports upto 720p - could that be why i am not getting the option for 1080 i ? ? thanks dan
  6. danbottomburp

    Need To Setup Headphones - Questions Plz

    just need to know how i can increase the team in talk in game . there are many settings . voice , sfx , music , and so on .... but the voice one doesnt increase team chat it increases the guy who does the announcements - like hellstorm misile incoming and so on ...
  7. danbottomburp

    Was All Working Fine Now Its Not !

    tried everything then noticed in device manager the roxio game cap hd wasnt showing up . so ninstalled and rentalled , nothing , then tired all leads on other equiptment and they were fine . took the game cap back to the shop - got replacement . plugged in , it installed the roxio game cap hd driver and all is well again . why would it have failed ? ? i need to know why it done that so i can prevent it doing it again . thanks dan
  8. danbottomburp

    Was All Working Fine Now Its Not !

    so i had the cable that came with the game cap going fr4om ps3 to the game cap and a hd lead going from back of game cap to my tv . worked fine streamed a load of games . this morning i turn on pc and it doesnt work . roxio software says no signal ! i havent changed a thing . why ? ? also whats customer support number for this issue as it is only 3 days old and i have a tech support ticket i believe ... thanks dan
  9. danbottomburp

    Need To Setup Headphones - Questions Plz

    i stream all manner of ps3 games , i have it setup so the sound of the game comes out my monitor but i cannot hear my team clearly . i used to use a turtle beach px11 for communication but i cannot use this now as the roxio game cap component cable goes where one of my headset sockets went . so now i can barely hear the people in my team . i can still use my turtle beach for speaking to my team but not hearing them . what can i do or is it a case of buying another headset with a different connection too the ps3 ? also is there a way to mute my mic for stream and use a certain key to activate it , so it isnt picking up the game volume constantly ? ? dan
  10. right i have it all set up right and it looks ok . but i want it too look a lot better than ok . i have it set to output 720p to my stream thats the highest i can i believe (ps3) i also have quality turned all the way up . now my internet is 50 download and 17 upload i have bitrate set too 2250 but i am thinking that can be a lot more ? ? and will produce much better quality ? ? lastly it does look a little dark so i have found the settings for brghtness - saturation and so on , can anyone reccomend the best settings for me . currently streaming black ops 2 thanks dan
  11. danbottomburp

    What Will I Need To Connect To Monitor .

    so i can have component going from ps3 too the capture device and then a hdmi from the capture device to my monitor ? will this also give me audio ? thanks dan
  12. danbottomburp

    What Will I Need To Connect To Monitor .

    i am going to start streaming my ps3 gameplay . my monitor only has hdmi or vga connections . what will i need so i can achieve this . is thre a lead that goes component to hdmi ? what extra will i need to get besides what comes in the box ? many thanks dan
  13. i have jst seen the standard version of the roxio game capture and want to get it but i have a few questions . the monitor i will be using only has hdmi and vga as inputs can i still use the stadard version of the roxio game capture ? i am getting it to stream more than anything else . can someone tell me besides the roxio game capture device what else i would need ? many thanks dan