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    Roxio Video Capture Usb For Mac Synch Problems

    Ok, sorry, I copied that from the software "About" screen. I found the disk, and it is Roxio Easy VHS to DVD for Mac.
  2. southcove

    Roxio Video Capture Usb For Mac Synch Problems

    The software that came with the device, Roxio Video Capture, Version 2.0.1 (134).
  3. I bought what turns out to be the "old style" usb device at Best Buy. My camcorder has an S video out, so I used that connection, plus the two audio cables to connect to the usb device. I set the software to S Video, and digitized my first video. It appeared to work properly, and I proceeded to digitize MANY hours of tape. All the captures were recorded to .mov files, and played back in quicktime. Unfortunately I did not scrutinize those carefully. When I went to create my first movie with editing software, it became apparent that the audio and video are not synched. Off by perhaps 10 seconds. Anybody have any ideas: how this happened? do I have to go back and redigitize hours of tape using a composite setting? Or is this device not capable of doing what it's supposed to do? I'm using a MacPro with 10.6.8, 6 gigs of ram, NVIDIA GeForce CT 120 graphics card.