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    My Own Rant ~ Split

    Also, I tried installing the software on my macbook (10.6.8) and it installed Roxio Video Capture and is NOT easy VHS to DVD like the label says. I have both pieces of software on my iMac and Roxio Video Capture is so bad as to be completely unusable. The sound is completely distorted and the color is washed out. It looks HORRIBLE. So what's the deal here? The sound works on Roxio Video Capture but its terrible software. I have no audio on easy VHS to DVD, Then I read about the update for $20 to easy VHS to DVD 3....that really makes me angry that I might pay money so that what I already paid $80 may or may not work. I have spent way too much valuable time on this issue, so I think I'll look for another solution. Sorry to rant, but this problem has cost me hundreds of dollars in terms of my time. Yes I will contact Roxio and ask for my money back, unless they happen to read these discussions and want to provide a solution free of charge. I would even change my username if they did that.
  2. Roxiosuckssofar

    My Own Rant ~ Split

    I have the exact same issue. I transferred two movies from my Panasonic VHS player and the sound worked great. Now the audio stopped working, I have been trying for DAYS now to get it to work again. I KNOW the sound is making it into my computer because I can see the signal in the preferences sound window. PLUS, I connected the VHS to a TV and the audio totally works. So there is no problem with the VHS unit, the tape, cables or the hardware. It has to be the ROXIO software. I have read A TON of complaints about the Roxio easy VHS to DVD for Mac software concerning the audio suddenly not working. WHAT IS GOING ON ROXIO??????? So yeah, this really sucks and everyone is also blogging about how bad their customer service is so now is the time for the company to listen to its customer base. I am very frustrated and upset since I can't afford another $80 and I really need this footage for a deadline I'm on. Unless Roxio or someone can solve these audio issues, many of us will not be purchasing any products in the future. iMac 10.5.8 Roxio 1.0.5 Thank you in advance for any kind soul who has figured out a work around. I tried many solutions I found online like plugging and un-plugging the hardware in at various stages, moving the contents of the quicktime folder to a new folder on the desktop, etc, etc, etc,.