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    Why So Buggy?

    Also, it's also freezing if I do ANYTHING, such as; a) Add a picture or other video b ) Add audio to production c) Click on pretty much everything
  2. DomCobb1

    Why So Buggy?

    I'm editing my channel intro for YouTube, but it's nearly impossible since when I try to trim videos it always freezes and says Not Responding and then starts working again. It actually froze less on my worse computer. How can I fix this? Specs: Intel i7 3770 3.4ghz 8GB RAM Nvidia GeForce GT640 1GB 1TB 720 RPM HDD Edit: When I'm trying to trim in the perfect spot, as soon as I let go of the mouse, it freezes. So essentially, if I'm trimming the same video but I keep moving the trim, it freezes every time I make the video longer or shorter.
  3. DomCobb1

    Why So Buggy?

    just uninstalled and reinstalled, problem still persists.
  4. DomCobb1

    Why Can't I Capture In 1080P?

    So tonight I was filming my channel intro for YouTube. The vid was with a few friends on Xbox and we were messing around on Zombies (Black Ops 2). Naturally, since my PC has pretty good specs, I had assumed I could capture in 1080P 15000kbps bit rate, and I was wrong. The video is glitchy and I'm not sure if it's Roxio or my PC or what. Specs: Intel i7 3770 3.4ghz w/ 3.9ghz turbo boost 8GB DDR3 RAM Nvidia GeForce GT640 1GB GDDR5 1TB 7200RPM Hard Drive
  5. DomCobb1

    Why Can't I Capture In 1080P?

    Well why 1080P at a lower bitrate? I just tried a 720P at 15000b bitrate and it's perfect. My real question is, why can't this computer handle 1080P when Roxio says atleast 2.2ghz when mine is much higher than that?
  6. DomCobb1

    Why Can't I Capture In 1080P?

    Wait a minute, don't the specs for the game capture say that they reccommend a 2.2ghz processor for 1080P capture? Why can't I run it? Btw this is a very new computer
  7. DomCobb1

    Why Can't I Capture In 1080P?

    Ok well since CoD only outputs at 560P anyway I guess it's a better idea to record in 720P, especially since I need audacity open to record my voice. Can my computer at least run that at 15000kbps?
  8. DomCobb1

    Roxio Game Capture Hd Pro Issue

    WOW thank you waaaay better than cruddy ol media player
  9. DomCobb1

    Roxio Game Capture Hd Pro Issue

    I just got a brand new desktop, running an i7 3770 quad core ivy bride, 8GB of memory, and an Nvidia GeForce GT640. When I capture, I do it in 1080P at 15000 bit rate. Everything looks fine in the capture window, but when I go to watch it in Media Player 12, it will play fine for 10 seconds and skip ahead to 7 minutes when the video is only 2 minutes long. If I export it as same as original, it plays normally. Is this a problem with Roxio or Media Player or what?
  10. DomCobb1

    Will Roxio Work With My Computer?

    I'm upgrading to a desktop computer, an XPS 8500 to be exact. I plan to use the Roxio to capture Xbox, but will it work with my computer with HDMI running through to the monitor? I ask because I know PS3 is HDMI encrypted and I'm not sure if that jazz happens with regular desktops. Any and all info helps.
  11. DomCobb1

    Will Roxio Work With My Computer?

    Would you say if I want to do some desktop gameplay, (and post to YouTube) is it worth the full version or no?
  12. DomCobb1

    Will Roxio Work With My Computer?

    Yes it did clear things up, thank you. Now I just need to figure out if Xsplit or fraps is worth it...
  13. DomCobb1

    Will Roxio Work With My Computer?

  14. DomCobb1

    Will Roxio Work With My Computer?

    Huh? I bought a monitor with an HDMI input and my desktop has HDMI output. I'm asking if I run one HDMI from my computer to Roxio, and the other from Roxio to my monitor, and I plug the usb into one of the usb ports, will it work?
  15. DomCobb1

    Will Roxio Work With My Computer?

    I'm not asking if my computer can run the software, it can, I'm asking if I can capture gameplay on my computer by passing it through the Roxio into the monitor and plugging it into the desktop.
  16. DomCobb1

    .m2Ts Audio Not Showing Up In Sony Vegas Pro 11

    Good export options: If it's one single clip, use Same as Original quality. It looks very good. If not, then export in AVCHD (Or whatever it's called, sorry, I'm not too good with this stuff ) in the quality you recorded in (So for 720P it'd be 1080x720) and export in 60fps if you recorded in 59fps, and 30 if you recorded in 29.97 fps. Hope this helped!
  17. DomCobb1

    Need Help With Capturing In 1080P

    If you're not already, try loading a short clip (30 secs would be good) into videoware and upload directly from there by going into share and sign into your YouTube account. I'd make it private, too.
  18. DomCobb1

    How Does The Quality On Youtube Work?!?!?

    How did you edit and upload/ render? Did you export as a worse quality file than you captured in?
  19. DomCobb1

    Barely Meets System Requirements

    I would like to point out that there really isn't really minimum specs, just your computer will capture really badly and have glitching all over the screen unless you lower the bitrate
  20. DomCobb1

    Issue With Recording (Resolution Settings, And Fps Rate)

    Ok, so I'm not sure how to answer your 1280x720 problem, BUT how to record in 60fps is easy: 1) (Not sure how to do this on PS3, but I'm assuming it's the same as Xbox) Go into settings, and where you change resolution 2) Change resolution to 720P. No matter what, when the native format coming from your TV is 1080P (Not sure about 1080i), it will record at 29.97 fps. If the native format is 720P, however, it WILL record in 60fps. And no, no specific bitrate. I'd suggest 15000 if your rig can handle it, however
  21. To answer the ORIGINAL question... I have the same issue, however, when I did a quality check, I found that raw files looked the best on YouTube, however, unless you capture at the exact right moment, this probably isn't feasible for most people. The second best option is to go into videoware (The edit and share option when you open up Roxio) and click share. It transcodes and uploads the vid when done. It takes a bit longer, but the quality was best this way. As for your second question, I don't exactly understand what you're asking. Could you be a bit more clear?
  22. DomCobb1

    Why Cant I Record In 1080P?

    Just to be sure, you ARE using the new Roxio HD and not the original right?
  23. Try uploading directly from videoware if you're not already?
  24. DomCobb1

    Good Specs For 1080P Capture?

    I'm in the market for a new desktop. My old laptop simply isn't cutting it. However, I really do want to consider Roxio in my selection, so could anyone suggest any specs or even computers that would record in flawless 1080P? Thanks for the help.
  25. DomCobb1

    Best Capture Settings?

    Hey guys, so I recently got my Game Cap HD Pro, and it's amazing! The quality is superb and the videowave is a decent editor since I don't have any other one. However, the color is a bit off, and its a bit too bright. I don't know the best brightness, contrast, etc. settings. Can someone help me? Any and all help is appreciated. On a bit of a side note, it records 59fps. I thought it maxed out at 29.97?